Follow the leader! 20 leadership blogs you need to read


From the corporate workplace to the elementary school classroom, leaders are everywhere. Even born leaders need inspiration and practical tips to help them reach their highest potential. Thankfully, leaders and future leaders today live in a world where advice is readily available on the Internet. In particular, leadership and management blogs can offer the inspiration needed for success. These are our 20 favorite leadership blogs because they aim to inspire, teach, advise, coach and entertain.

Tweak Your Biz: Entrepreneurs, corporate managers and business owners contribute to and visit this business leadership site. Contributors with varied backgrounds in sales, marketing, finance and technology offer management tips, pointers, advice, case studies and lessons learned.

Leadership for Lawyers: While lawyering is often considered to be a solitary career, today's lawyers need to be business developers and leaders. Blog author Mark Beese is the former chief marketing officer for Holland & Hart, a law firm with 450 attorneys. This blog offers essential tools for lawyers who are looking to broaden their scope beyond representing their clients in the courtroom and gives good counsel on networking, leading a firm, garnering new clients, managing workflows and processes, and more.

N2Growth: Blog author Mike Myatt, a CEO coach, author and speaker has been recognized as one of the world's top 25 leadership experts. He offers insights, commentary and guidance on leadership on his blog and believes, "While a leader can accomplish much, a culture of leadership can accomplish so much more."

Coaching Tip: The Leadership Blog: John G. Agno believes coaching is a powerful tool where leadership is concerned. His blog is dedicated to giving his readers the tools they need to succeed in self-coaching. Along with his blog posts on leadership and career coaching, Agno offers book suggestions and links to other coaching and leadership sites.

Spin Sucks: Lead writer Gini Dietrich and several other contributors offer down-to-earth advice for public relations professionals on leadership, communication, social media and more. This blog, focused on the "fight against destructive spin," is consistently ranked in the AdAge Power 150 list of the top marketing blogs.

Seth Godin's Blog: Armed with an undergraduate degree in computer science and philosophy and an MBA from Stanford, Seth Godin offers an esoteric approach to management and marketing. He is a breath of fresh air in a space crowded with marketing speak and jargon, with blog topics such as "I don't even know what I'm afraid of" and "Perhaps your anxiety is specific to magicians."

Learn to Duck: According to this blogger, Micah Baldwin, sometimes the best way to learn to duck is to get punched in the face. He comes by his philosophy of success through failure honestly -- he founded his first company at the age of 14 and is currently the CEO of Graphic.ly. Don't look for touchy-feely on this management blog -- one recent post was titled "You can keep your I love yous."

Great Leadership: This blog is jam-packed with in-depth discussions and pragmatic advice on leadership development. Blog author Dan McCarthy writes about topics such as "10 (+1) Dumb Leadership Mistakes from Recent Headlines" and "Leader or Bully? There are Consequences."

John Maxwell on Leadership: Blog writer John Maxwell is passionate about leadership and is widely considered an expert on the subject. His organizations have trained more than 5 million leaders worldwide. His blog is equal parts inspirational and practical.

Tom Talks: Blog author Tom Salonek is the founder and CEO of Intertech, a technology training and consulting firm based in Minneapolis. He blogs about his highly successful company, but he also offers input and useful information for leaders and aspiring leaders on employee sustainability, workplace civility and the beauty of embracing failure in the pursuit of ultimate success.

On Leadership: Guest and recurring bloggers share recommendations, information and thought-provoking commentary on the leadership pages of the Washington Post online. A recent blog post by Jena McGregor asked and answered the question, "How much do women really help other women in the workplace?"

Curious Cat: Blog author John Hunter offers musings on different management philosophies and programs including lean thinking, continual improvement and Six Sigma. You'll also find a great selection of videos, book discussions and reviews, and links to leadership and management webcasts.

Management Craft: The masthead describes this blog as "catalyzing conversations about management and leadership since 2004." Blog author Lisa Haneberg is an author, speaker, researcher and consultant with more than 25 years experience in coaching, management and leadership. She offers unique insights on leadership management with blog titles such as "A management lesson from rapper Eminem," and "Above all else, don't be boring."

Harvard Business Review: The Harvard Business Review blog is a hodgepodge of case studies, how-tos, news, advice and insight on all things pertaining to business, management and corporate development. A wide variety of contributors ensures that there's something for everyone here. Several entries are posted every day.

Patty Azzarello's Business Leadership Blog: This blog offers concrete, step-by-step advice on how to be a successful leader with well-organized posts such as "Don't inflict your slides on others" and "5 minutes in the morning." Azzarello became the youngest general manager at HP at the age of 33 and became a CEO for the first time at the age of 39. She is currently CEO of Azzarello Group and a best-selling author.

Management Skills Blog: An important element of leadership is choosing the right team to lead. Here you'll learn from management and leadership guru Tom Foster about asking the wrong (stupid) interview questions, missing important (and obvious) clues during an interview, and the fatal decision in the first three minutes of the interview.

The Management Blog: This blog, which is part of Bloomberg Businessweek, is where you'll learn what some of the top business thinkers have to say about management issues and trends. This well-organized blog is chock-full of information, news, insight and advice from the business world.

Leader to Leader Institute Blog: This is the blog for the Frances Hesselbein Leadership Institute, which aims to "strengthen and inspire the leadership of the social sector and their partners in business and government." With blog posts such as "Emerging leader focus: Girl Scouts Young Women of Distinction," information is geared to both current and future leaders.

Linked 2 Leadership: Dozens of contributors participate in this blog, which is for professionals who are interested in leadership development along with personal and professional growth. Another focus of the blog is to cultivate and develop future leaders. Topics include ethics, inspiration, attitude, soft skills and team building.

The Bacharach Blog: Conceived, developed and launched by Samuel Bacharach, a professor of labor management at Cornell University, this blog offers straight talk on pragmatic and proactive leadership. Here he strives to present information that is exciting, relevant and helpful for leaders in any organization.

Being a leader is exhilarating, but nobody said it was easy. When we can share our triumphs and learn from our failures, we're on the road to being great leaders. Learn from those who have been there by visiting these blogs -- you'll find yourself bookmarking more than just a few.