(Psst!) The 30 best websites for procrastination

No matter if it's at school or work, we all need to take a break sometimes. Check out our picks for the best websites you can use to take a load off, have a laugh and forget about that looming deadline.


Awkward Family Photos: This site is all about those pictures we'd love to forget. Pull out your own hair-metal class photos and reminisce, or simply enjoy the beauty that is a little boy in a mullet holding a creepy ventriloquist dummy.

The Onion: The granddaddy of modern satire, this hot-off-the-presses newspaper has been in circulation since 1988 and online since 1996. "Drugs Win Drug War" is a classic headline.

Failbook: Obviously, Facebook is a top procrastination contender. But check out Failbook, the site that culls the funniest status updates and photo captions and presents them for your amusement.


PostSecret: Have you ever had a secret that was too good to keep? Now you can share it and browse others' on this voyeuristic site that displays anonymous postcards.

2Leep: Get lost in this collection, including tech, design, humor and celebrity related posts. Recent articles include "How to ruin someone's life" and "The world's most amazing secluded houses." Intriguing!

Tumblr: Spanning the divide between microblogging sites like Twitter and blogging sites like Wordpress, this quirky site offers cool design and easy publication to Twitter or Facebook.

The Sartorialist: Window shopping goes online with this blog, which features exquisite style on the street and at fashion shows across the globe.

The Hairpin: Though many female-oriented sites focus on babies and marriage, here's a sharp, funny blog that caters to a broader crowd. Recent post: "A Scenic Guide to Your Abnormal Pap Smear." Servicey!

Dlisted: King among celebrity blogs, Dlisted's Michael K has a sharp tongue and an eye for gossip. Take care -- some of the images may not be safe for work.

The Rumpus: This smart blog mixes art, film, and politics with a healthy dose of engaging writing. Look for "Dear Sugar," perhaps the most engaging advice columnist on the Web.


FoodGawker: What's for dinner? Browse this brilliant site, which posts delectable images of decadent meals. Each links to a different foodie blog with a recipe.

Brokeass Gourmet: Food blogs are often a world of rare truffle oil and saffron threads. Not so at this one, which has a whole category of five-dollar desserts.


Sporcle: Need something to occupy your mind without dumbing you down? This site is home to over 240,000 free trivia games.

Bored: Check out funny stickman games, puzzle games and games for girls. This is a good site if you need to occupy your kids while you finish up your work.

FreeRice: Here's a trivia site with a twist: for every definition you get right, the site donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme. It adds up!

Free Tetris: With solid animation and easy game controls, the only thing missing from this version is the classic arcade music.


CollegeHumor: This irreverent site is known for its videos. A recent one: "Dire Consequences: 50 Mile Walk," wherein the loser of a rock/paper/scissors has to walk 50 miles home.

Smosh: Like the best buffet restaurant in town, Smosh serves up only the greatest. Find videos, games, and a forum where you can talk about it all.


IMDB: Did you know that Judy Garland had to wear a bust-flattening corset throughout filming of The Wizard of Oz? Trivia fiends love this movie-mania site.

MapCrunch: Think of this Google Street View aggregator as tourist brochure roulette. Recent refreshes yielded a stone bench in Scotland, a winding road in Belgium and a scrubby dirt path in Australia.


The Oatmeal: Once a nutritious breakfast food, The Oatmeal is now an entertaining comic by Matthew Inman, offering funny bits on grammar, Web design, and all things nerdy.

Achewood: Chris Onstad's long-running comic has the heart and soul of twenty comics. Look for "Jump to a story arc" and pick "The Party" to get yourself started.

SketchSwap: Ready to get in on the drawing fun? This fun site has you trading your own spur-of-the-moment sketches for others at random.


Wikipedia: Find out how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop (3,481 licks, according to a University of Cambridge student survey). Just be careful if you're writing a research paper; content is user-generated.

OK Cupid: If you're single, use this free dating site to meet like-minded netizens. If you're paired off, check out the fun personality tests.

LifeHacker: Wanna know how to hold your touch screen gadgets correctly? Or find out which video player is the best for Windows? This high-tech site has it all.

OneLook: With tools that help you figure out a word using only the first few letters, this powerful dictionary and translation site could be a crossword puzzler's best friend.

Picnik: Edit your photos on the fly with this fast and easy browser-based site.

Money savers

FatWallet: Check out sweet deals, save a buck and interact with a robust community of savers on this retail deal site.

Mint: Manage everything from your stock portfolio to your daily coffee budget with this free budget site.