50 top apps for test prep

Test Prep Apps

Make the best use of your high-tech gadgets this test-taking season. Download these cool test prep applications to your computer or mobile device.



These apps offer multiple study options and wide-ranging instruction.

1. BenchPrep: Choose your course -- including high school, higher education, graduate and professional -- choose your device, and study independently or with friends.

2. Test Prep for Dummies: Use this nuts-and-bolts app for advice and practice questions on the ASVAB, GRE, SAT, CCNA and more.

3. StudyByApp: Apps are broken down by subject, including science, math and college prep. There's even a "positive parenting" app for new moms and dads.

4. College Test Prep: Interactive flashcards cover Advanced Placement high school and college subjects.


The SAT could be the biggest hurdle between you and a college education. Use these apps to crush it.

5. SATLadder: Offers a fun, competition-based question answering structure, including over 2,000 SAT questions.

6. 411 Prep: SAT Math: Dynamic flashcards, a daily study guide and over 500 different question types distinguish this math prep app.

7. SAT Vocab Challenge Vol. 2: This app, by The Princeton Review, measures your knowledge of the 250 most common vocabulary words on the test.

8. Ace the SAT: This free app offers practice math questions and solutions for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

9. SAT Vocab Cards: Browse and quiz yourself on 1,000 high-frequency SAT words for free, with 1,000 more available for purchase.

10. No. 2 SAT Prep: SAT, ACT and GRE course prep material is available for free with this handy app.


Ace this other common college entrance exam with these specialized apps.

11. SAT and ACT Vocabulary HD: Master the 1,000 common ACT and SAT words across nine sets of words.

12. ACT Math Prep Practice Problems: Choose among 48 ACT subjects and browse answer rationales, performance statistics and test-taking advice.


Scoring well on Advanced Placement (AP) exams in high school can exempt you from many college courses, saving you time and money.

13. American History Test Prep: This prep app by Pearson Education focuses on quizzes, reviews and flashcards from American Roots to Challenges for a New Century.

14. No Fear Shakespeare: Use this app for modern translations of Shakespeare and never be confused by The Bard again.

15. World Atlas HD: Orient yourself in the world with high-resolution maps of the world from National Geographic.

16. iBabylon: Ni hao! Browse this quick and comprehensive dictionary of over 75 languages plus full-text translations.

17. Spanish Anywhere: Study, translate and pronounce Spanish with this portable guide.

18. AP Physics Tutor Tool: Designed for the AP Mechanic Physics C test, this app includes a full practice test.

19. iElements: Make AP Chemistry study a snap with this pinch-zoomable, simple periodic table of chemical elements.


Before you sit for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), use these tools to prepare.

20. LawStack: Carry a legal library in your pocket with federal and state-based rules, codes and regulations.

21. Constitution and Federalist Papers: Includes an explanation of each clause and commentary on each amendment.

22. LSAT*: All 63 LSAT tests are available on iPad and iPhone with this powerful app, featuring 232 preloaded practice questions and up to 6,400 more downloadable.


Break records on the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) with a little smart studying.

23. Medical Encyclopedia: This authoritative reference from the University of Maryland Medical Center contains over 50,000 pages of medical information.

24. MCAT: This review app from Sprockit features over 2,000 flashcards so you can study on the go.

25. MCAT Review: Combine the MCAT Prep Physics, MCAT Prep Chemistry and MCAT Prep Biology apps with this comprehensive guide.

26. Human Anatomy: Get the names of organs, body parts and other terminologies at the touch of a button.


Boost your chances of acceptance into more grad schools with these specialized apps.

27. GRE*: Get access to 140 GRE questions from Manhattan Prep and access 10,000 GRE flashcards.

28. GRE Word Boost: With 500 essential GRE words in its database, you can study and quiz yourself anytime.

29. Kaplan GRE® Exam Vocabulary Flashcards and Reference Guide: Browse definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and more with over 500 flashcards.

Other tests:

30. CLEP US History Exam Prep: Study for the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) with this guide, spanning the New World through the Civil War.

31. The CAHSEE Tutor - Mathematics (Lite): Use this free app to prepare for the California High School Exit Examination (CAHSEE).

32. GMAT**: Answer 111 hard questions for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), created by the GMAT Club Community.

33. EMTutor: With over 50 real-life scenarios written for Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), this app is a perfect way to supplement training and study.


Boost your verbal skills with these general vocabulary themed apps.

34. Defining Twilight: Whether you're Team Edward or Team Jacob, this themed vocabulary practice is likely to be right up your alley.

35. Dictionary!: This no-frills app comes with over 200,000 words and doesn't require an internet connection.

36. FreeSaurus: Another no-fuss app for synonyms, antonyms and related words - a must for vocab retention.

37. Grammar Up: Improve your word selection and vocabulary for written exams.

38. Vocabology: View "word of the day" words from several sources and test your knowledge.

39. 200 Great Books: A virtual library of free books, from Aesop's Fables to Walden.

40. CliffsNotes Study Guides: No time to read the whole book? Get the summary to go.


Improve your math skills across the board with these all-purpose apps.

41. iFormulas: Use this clean reference for your studies in Algebra, Calculus and more.

42. myConvert: This lightning-quick unit converter takes the guesswork out of measurement.

43. Math.: Browse over 400 math lessons, and enjoy the first five for free.

44. Graphing Calculator: Leave the bulky calculator at home with this sleek, functional app.

DIY tools

These functional apps are perfect for individual study.

45. Google Books: Access more than 3 million Google eBooks across your devices.

46. Flashcards+: Create and study your own flashcards with this popular app.

47. Evernote Peek: This virtual cover helps you study without peeking at the answers on your iPad.

48. inClass: Share notes and organize your schedule with this free app.

49. ShowMe Interactive Whiteboard: Create your own whiteboard tutorials and be the hero of your study group.

50. Khan Academy: Broaden your mind with over 2,500 free videos on everything from basic math to venture capitalism.

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University of Phoenix , Online (campus option available)
  • Provides career services that help students find careers that match their interests and map out a personalized career plan.
  • Offers mentorships and networking opportunities through an Alumni Association of 800,000+ graduates.
  • Has flexible start dates and class schedules.
  • Offers special military rates and special advisors who have a military background.
  • Gives students the chance to earn credits for applicable military training and education.
  • Locations nationwide and online options.
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Good for Working Adults
  • Online Courses
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Financial Aid
  • Provides an exclusive Ashford Mobile app to keep students connected to the online classroom on the go.
  • Offers a business program in partnership and collaboration with Forbes magazine.
  • Offers several credit transfer and previous experience options for students who qualify.
  • Dedicated to fostering intellectual and personal growth since 1918.
  • Offers associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree programs in business, health, education, and more.
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  • Transferable Credits
Fremont College , Online (campus option available)
Fremont College traces its roots to Platt College’s founding in St. Joseph, Missouri, in 1879, and the Southern California branch campus was established in 1986. The most significant evolution of the College started when its third CEO, Dr. Sabrina Kay, assumed leadership in 2007. Fremont College became an innovative center adopting the framework of Work-Based Learning Leadership at the Wharton School and Dr. Kay’s thesis on improved learning through practice and collaboration.
  • Online Courses
  • Offers training in various types of massage therapy, physical therapy/sports rehab, and personal fitness training & wellness.
  • Teaches in an environment that promotes learning and encourages empathetic and compassionate therapists.
  • Career service professionals work directly with students from the start of their program, and help them pursue employment in day spas, luxury hotels, cruise ships, and other locations.
  • Students can work in the SOCHI Massage Clinic to gain experience and build their career skills.
  • Financial aid representatives help students develop a personalized financial plan to finance their tuition.
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  • Financial Aid
  • One of the largest massage therapy schools in the nation teaching since 1979.
  • First massage school in California to be nationally accredited.
  • Has a successful job placement record— 86% of graduates get placed into work in massage therapy.
  • Provides massage therapist education with multiple methods to ensure every student learns the material.
  • Offers lifetime career placement assistance and holds partnerships with a variety of employers.
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Good for Working Adults
  • Accredited
  • Flexible Scheduling
  • Financial Aid
  • Recognized as one of America's Best Technical Colleges in 2014, for the 4th year in a row.
  • Listed on the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll every year since 2009.
  • Offers associate and bachelor degree programs in nursing, allied health, and information technology. 
  • Programs feature classroom and online lectures, hands-on training, and clinical/externship courses. 
  • Accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC).
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Penn Foster , Online
  • Offers more than 150 self-paced, career-relevant programs that are connected to a supportive 24/7 online community of students and faculty.
  • Profiled in many publications such as The Boston Globe, Fox Business, and  Inside Higher Ed.
  • Nearly 25,000 graduates each year.
  • Accredited by the Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).
  • Founded in 1890 in Scranton, Pennsylvania    
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