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Women at Work

What women really want in the workplace (and why men matter)

Forget the corner office with a view. Some women prefer careers offering creativity and flexibility rather than those promising a big salary and fancy title.

Low Stress at Work

A healthier, happier you: 5 low-stress careers for 2013

The daily grind, the rat race, the squirrel cage -- whatever you call the workday, it's a stressful place, and study after study has shown that stress is a killer. Take a load off in 2013 with these low-stress careers that require two-years of education or less.

Generation Y

Gen Y: all grown up and revolutionizing the workplace

Gen Y is all grown up -- or at least all graduated from high school -- and entering the workforce. They're known for showing up late and expecting a lot, but recent findings show they deserve it because they're disrupting the status quo, in a good way.

Sports Schools: Universities where it's great to be a sports fan

Sports schools: 10 universities for sports fans

Many college sports deliver roaring emotion and heart-wrenching drama, but some schools deliver it in record-breaking amounts. Here are 10 sports schools that have the spirit, diversity and intensity to satisfy even the most rabid college fan.

10 Great Colleges for Autumn

Autumn schools: 10 must-see campuses for fall fanatics

From orange and yellow leaves to festive university celebrations, find out what makes these 10 schools great places to visit during autumn.

Ten Great Colleges for Free Spirits | Schools.com

Creative learning: 10 colleges for free spirits

Free spirits don't like to be tied down. Some colleges understand that, allowing you to study at home but interact often with faculty mentors and like-minded students. Flexible schedules let you study while you gain experience, whatever your interests.

Campus fooood

Goodbye mystery meat! 5 top food schools

Bland offerings with doubtful nutritional value are vanishing from campus lunch-lines. They're being replaced with fresh produce, international options and an emphasis on quality.


24 strange and unique college courses

From horror movies to high-tech apps, these college courses are miles from English 101. Explore the strangest, most unique college courses on our list and put together your dream schedule. 

Hire me

How to beat the competition: 5 steps to land a job out of college

Unemployment remains high, and competition for jobs is fierce. New college graduates who follow these five steps can position themselves ahead of other job seekers and land that crucial first job after graduation.

Money tips for career changers

5 smart money moves for career changers

Don’t quit your job just yet. If you want to switch careers or go back to school, you need to be financially prepared. Here's how to get there.

The way you talk can impact your job search

Could the way you talk ruin your job chances?

During a job interview, we usually focus on what we say, but the way that we say it can also make or break an interview.

MBA alternative

Master's in management: The MBA alternative

Accelerated management degree programs are becoming a popular alternative to MBA programs at many college campuses.

Facebook and job hunting

Is your Facebook profile scaring away employers?

If you're looking for a job, look at your Facebook profile first. It may tell potential employers something that you don't want it to.

SAT success tips

Countdown to the SAT: Expert tips for test day success

The SAT can make or break some college dreams. Find out what the experts say about SAT test prep and how to get ready for the big day.

Career training or retraining might be the answer.

What's new? Your career, with retraining

Is retraining for a new career worth the time and effort? It depends. Learn more about retraining for a new career.

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