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Georgetown report: Why 2-year degrees can earn you more than 4-year degrees

Bachelor's degree-holders might earn more than those with associate's degrees on average, but new analysis of career earnings highlights how much occupation matters.

More money for school: 5 tips for appealing your financial aid award

Need more money for school? We offer expert tips on how to improve on your college's financial aid offer.


Surprise! 5 real-life, unexpected college-to-career journeys

Choosing a college major can be stressful--so much is riding on it--but these five professionals explain how they found passion and prosperity in their careers despite working in fields not directly related to their area of study.

The 5 cheapest colleges in the country

It's no surprise to anyone headed to college that it can be expensive, but there are some amazingly cheap colleges out there, as well.

Cool jobs: Reference librarian

When this wife and mother decided to leave a high-stress, low-paying job for something with better prospects, she got her MLS degree online and a cool job as a reference librarian.

The 529 account: Get a tax break while saving for college

Start saving for college now with a 529 plan, which allows money invested to grow tax-free, enabling you to save more money faster--we outline what you need to know about choosing and using a 529 college saving plan.

10 "helping" professions and how to train for them

If you're looking for a career where you can help people, but you're not sure which job is right for you -- or how to train for it -- this list will help you choose.

Can higher education fix the cybersecurity shortfall?

Experts agree that a key challenge in protecting critical digital systems is a talent shortage, but more schools are offering degree programs as cybersecurity comes into its own.

Channeling Jeff Winger: Create your own "Community" online study group

We highlight the top tech tools for starting your own study group online, along with guidance for how to organize and run group meetings.

Tax credits can help adults pay for a class or a degree

The Lifetime Learning Credit and the American Opportunity Tax Credit can help you pay for individual classes or for full degrees.

Five paths to a career-focused college education

Students say they want more career-focused educations. (How else will they pay off all those student loans?) To help them out, we outline five ways to turn college into job training.

Mother knows best: Schools.com sanity guide for student-moms

Just in time for Mother's Day, we offer sage advice, tales from the trenches, inspiration and practical study tips from matriculating moms on how to become a Dean’s List Diva without losing your mind--or your family.

30 fastest-growing occupations

Hedge your bets by planning for a career in one of these 30 jobs, which are projected to experience strong growth over the next seven years.

Hot spots for hiring: Top 5 industries for growth through 2018

Shore up your educational planning by focusing on fields slated to be game-changers  – even during the recession.

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