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Tweeting your way to a job: How social media is changing career searches

Tweeting your way to a job: How social media is changing career searches

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Could your next job be just a tweet away? We tell you why social media is changing job searches and some strategies to use your favorite sites to land a great new position.

Cool job: Dressing the part on Broadway

Cool job: Dressing the part on Broadway

Shannon Dauphin Lee |

Kimberly Faye Greenberg earned a degree in drama from University of California Irvine, then took off for Broadway. Today she works as a full-time actress, wardrobe dresser swing and all-around talent.

Women at Work

What women really want in the workplace (and why men matter)

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Forget the corner office with a view. Some women prefer careers offering creativity and flexibility rather than those promising a big salary and fancy title.

Low Stress at Work

A healthier, happier you: 5 low-stress careers for 2013

Karl Fendelander |

The daily grind, the rat race, the squirrel cage -- whatever you call the workday, it's a stressful place, and study after study has shown that stress is a killer. Take a load off in 2013 with these low-stress careers that require two-years of education or less.

Documentary Film Producer

Cool job: Documentary film producer

Greta Brewster |

Documentary film producer Daniel Lyons has been to parts of the world that only a handful of people have seen. Learn what makes documentary filmmaking a rewarding and cool job.

10 College A Capella Groups To Listen To

10 College a cappella groups to listen to now

Aimee Hosler |

Building your next big a cappella playlist? These 10 college ensembles should make the cut.

Career Tips

Get ahead in 2013: 5 steps for workplace success

Rob Sabo |

For some, landing a promotion, raise or even a new job is commonplace. For others, it requires a well-thought game plan. Follow these five steps to increase your chances of jump-starting your salary and career prospects.


Cool Job: Ed-tech expert

Kenya McCullum |

With a lifelong interest in education, Steve Hargadon has built a career on bringing education and technology together.

Generation Y

Gen Y: all grown up and revolutionizing the workplace

Karl Fendelander |

Gen Y is all grown up -- or at least all graduated from high school -- and entering the workforce. They're known for showing up late and expecting a lot, but recent findings show they deserve it because they're disrupting the status quo, in a good way.

Social Media Strategist

Cool Job: Social media strategist

Robert DiGiacomo |

Social media is booming, and those who work in the field have a combination of Internet savvy and self discipline. Learn what it's like to work as a social media strategist.

Sports Schools: Universities where it's great to be a sports fan

Sports schools: 10 universities for sports fans

Justin Boyle |

Many college sports deliver roaring emotion and heart-wrenching drama, but some schools deliver it in record-breaking amounts. Here are 10 sports schools that have the spirit, diversity and intensity to satisfy even the most rabid college fan.

luthier thumbnail

Cool job: Guitar builder (luthier)

Jon Fortenbury |

While playing guitars in rock bands has long been glorified, not many hear about those who build guitars. It's also glamorous.


5 ways to sell your boss on telecommuting

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Think working from home is just a dream? Think again. Here are five ways to get your boss to say "yes" to telecommuting.

Job Interview Styles | Schools.com

From Traditional to Awkward: 7 types of job interviews

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Looking for a job? Then you need to be prepared to handle these seven types of job interviews.

10 Great Colleges for Autumn

Autumn schools: 10 must-see campuses for fall fanatics

Aimee Hosler |

From orange and yellow leaves to festive university celebrations, find out what makes these 10 schools great places to visit during autumn.

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