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5 career thumb

5 mistakes that can sabotage your career

Shannon Lee |

You're cruising along in a great job and doing very well -- but did you know you could be making fatal career mistakes every single day? Here's how to spot them before they ground you.

You can't hide from your smartphone

Ivan Tully |

When developers combine a wireless phone's always-on data stream with GPS tracking hardware, they can come up with some powerful results. Your phone knows where you are -- who else knows?

IT Bro

4 in 5 U.S. firms fall short on IT skills

Ivan Tully |

IT workers lack crucial skills at four out of five U.S. businesses surveyed by CompTIA. These major gaps in training impact corporate productivity, profitability and security.


Cool job: Helping people find meaningful jobs

Robert DiGiacomo |

Alexandra Levit is passionate about helping people find meaningful jobs and success at work. Learn what it takes to be an author, speaker and consultant.


How your body language could cost you that job

Kenya McCullum |

It's not just what you say that can help you land a job -- it's also what you don't say.



8 job hunting myths that are undermining your search

Shannon Lee |

Social media and intense competition for jobs have changed the way employers hire. Learn more about these myths of the job search, so you can be sure your resume reaches the top of the stack.


The As and Bs of personality at work

Kenya McCullum |

Are you a Type A or a Type B personality? These little letters may be big indicators of your workplace behavior.


I Quit!: The Best and Worst Ways to Leave a Job

Kenya McCullum |

Although it's tempting to storm out of a job you hate, it's best to remain professional.


MBA for the career and salary win

Rob Sabo |

A survey of prospective business school candidates conducted throughout 2011 finds that older students seek MBA degrees, while younger students lacking in work experience turn to master's degree programs. Cost of education, however, remains an overriding concern for all students.

Money tips for career changers

5 smart money moves for career changers

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Don’t quit your job just yet. If you want to switch careers or go back to school, you need to be financially prepared. Here's how to get there.


Cool Job: Landscape designer finds it easy being green

Robert DiGiacomo |

It's up to landscape designers and architects to create our outdoor spaces. Find out what it takes to have a career as a landscape designer.


50 must-see college sports stadiums

Kristin Marino |

College football fans are some of the most loyal around. Discover the top-50 must-see college sports stadiums and learn what makes them so unique.


Cool job: Storm Hunter

Mary Fineday |

Interview with storm hunter Martin Lisius as part of our series on cool jobs. Find out how meterology career training and related education can get you this unique job.

The way you talk can impact your job search

Could the way you talk ruin your job chances?

Kenya McCullum |

During a job interview, we usually focus on what we say, but the way that we say it can also make or break an interview.


Cool Job: Transportation communicator creates the voice of the NYC Subway

Amelia Gray |

If you're an avid traveler, chances are you've heard Bernie Wagenblast's voice. Find out more about the man and his unique job as a transportation communicator.

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