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Cool Job: Child life specialist helps kids cope with hospital stays

Robert DiGiacomo |

Elise Ehrenreich plays a key role helping young patients at The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia understand their illnesses and stay positive during their stay.

4 health care careers for squeamish people

Laura Vogel |

You've heard all the hype about health care careers growing by leaps and bounds. But what if you faint at the sight of blood? You can still have a health care career with these four jobs that are mostly blood and guts free.

5 tips for returning to school as an adult student

Amelia Gray |

The halls of higher education saw 3 million students over the age of 35 in 2009, and enrollment among older students continues to grow. If you're thinking about going back to school, use these tips from former adult students to help you succeed.

Getting in: Are finances a factor in college admissions?

Clare Kaufman |

Your ability to pay for college could give you an edge in college admissions--or a handicap. Learn how to navigate a college admissions process increasingly shaped by financial interests.

Goodbye cubicle: 4 jobs that are office-optional

Maryalene LaPonsie |

Working in an office each day just isn't for everyone. No matter if you'd rather spend your days outside or just outside of a cubicle, check out these ideas for some top careers that are office-optional.

How social media can help—and hurt—your professional prospects

Aimee Hosler |

Like it or not, employers are using social media to track current and potential employees. Learn how to use these sites to your advantage, and how to protect your digital footprint.

Have degree, will travel: Degrees for working abroad

Carolyn McGourty |

Working abroad can be a great opportunity if it's the right job. The key to finding the right job overseas is getting the right degree.

Cool job: Food scientist Barbara Ulen invents new treats

Amy Mayer |

Food scientist Barbara Ulen has invented new frozen treats, tested ice creams, and enjoyed a long culinary career as a food scientist. Find out how you can break into this coveted career.

10 creepy careers--and the secrets to snagging them

Amelia Gray |

When things go bump in the night, workers in these creepy careers stick around. Find out more about these spooky jobs and learn how you can train for careers that earn not-so-scary paychecks.

Reading between the rankings: How to use college rankings in your search

Laura Vogel |

You've probably seen the U.S. News college rankings and wondered how the college you attended or are thinking of attending stacks up. Learn more about school-quality listings and discover if they help or hinder prospective students.

8 things college seniors can do now to prep for the job search later

Robert DiGiacomo |

Sure, it seems like school just barely started, but there are a number of thing college seniors can do now to avoid a long and difficult job search after graduation. Find out how to jump on the job search--and future career--with these eight steps.

Bachelor's not required: 6 high-demand health care jobs that require associate degrees or less

Maryalene LaPonsie |

You don't need a bachelor's degree to get a great job in health care. Find out just how far an associate degree or certification can take you.

Cheating in schools: 5 ways to avoid cheating

Michael Lemaire |

According to recent research, 71% of students do not believe copying from the Web is “serious cheating” -- so we've put together a list of 5 tips that will help you beat the cheat.

Fill the skills gap: 4 tips for moving up the ladder

Laura Vogel |

With companies operating "leaner" than ever, employees need to not only keep their skills up-to-date, but also be able to anticipate the future needs of their organizations. Here, find tips on how to identify the skills you need to succeed -- and learn how to get them.

5 ways to turn an internship into a job offer

Daniel Casciato |

An internship provides you with valuable experience while you are still in school. With a little persistence and by being proactive, you might be able to convert that internship into a full-time job.

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