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Josh Scherr, computer animator

Cool job: Computer animator brings video games to life

Amy Mayer |

Award-winning movie and video game animator says more schools and cheaper equipment make high tech jobs more accessible.

Georgetown report: Why 2-year degrees can earn you more than 4-year degrees

Kenneth Corbin |

Bachelor's degree-holders might earn more than those with associate's degrees on average, but new analysis of career earnings highlights how much occupation matters.

More money for school: 5 tips for appealing your financial aid award

Daniel Casciato |

Need more money for school? We offer expert tips on how to improve on your college's financial aid offer.


Cool Job: Paleoclimatologist Maureen Raymo rocks on land and at sea

Amy Mayer |

Combined love of geology and oceanography launched this science career

10 public colleges under $8,500 a year

Laura Vogel |

Skip town – and steep tuitions – with these 10 budget colleges offering bargains  for out-of-state students.

Surprise! 5 real-life, unexpected college-to-career journeys

Laura Vogel |

Choosing a college major can be stressful--so much is riding on it--but these five professionals explain how they found passion and prosperity in their careers despite working in fields not directly related to their area of study.

NACE ranks most in-demand majors and lucrative degrees 2011

Kenneth Corbin |

New research from National Association of Colleges and Employers paints an optimistic picture for new college graduates entering the job market.

7 tips for negotiating a better salary

Daniel Casciato |

A recent report from Georgetown University shows that an earnings gap still exists along race and gender lines. Despite the earnings discrepancies, there are several negotiating tactics that a new job-seeker or a senior employee can do to improve their chances of getting a better a salary.

The 5 cheapest colleges in the country

Kristin Marino |

It's no surprise to anyone headed to college that it can be expensive, but there are some amazingly cheap colleges out there, as well.

College degrees boost earnings--even for jobs that don't require them

Kenneth Corbin |

Construction workers, police officers, plumbers, retail salespeople and secretaries, among others, make significantly more with a degree than without one. Why?

More 'boomerang' kids returning home after college

Kenneth Corbin |

Facing a tough job market and hefty student loan debt, growing numbers of college graduates are moving back in with their parents.

Cool jobs: Reference librarian

Amy Mayer |

When this wife and mother decided to leave a high-stress, low-paying job for something with better prospects, she got her MLS degree online and a cool job as a reference librarian.

OMG S.O.S! 5 emergency summer job hunting tips for college-bound slackers

JoVon Sotak |

Unless you plan to write your college admission essay on the summer you spent doing absolutely nothing, you should figure out a way to salvage your summer. These five last-minute strategy tips can help.

10 Ways to find a mentor who can be your BFF

Angela Spires |

Mentors can be integral in keeping students on the path to success--we show you how to find a mentor that's a perfect match.

How to ace summer school: great online homework-help and tutoring sites

Maryalene LaPonsie |

We highlight some "A+" sites that provide online tutoring (often for free!) and offer struggling students resources for solving problems and completing their assignments.

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