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Free community college could be just around the corner

Free community college tuition could be coming soon. As college costs rise and the need for educated workers goes unmet, some areas are turning to this solution to bridge the gap.

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How much does your major matter? Not as much as you think

New grads without a career-track degree don't have to lack for opportunities. Education and industry experts weigh in on finding a career after graduating from a program with no direct professional path.

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Don't be scared to market your new liberal arts degree

Some liberal arts graduates don't take pride in their degree and thus market other achievements instead. But in reality, a liberal arts degree is impressive, if you know how to market it.

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How student loans will change this year

Summer marks the beginning of a brand new school year and with it, changes to the financial aid system. Find out what the government is shifting this year and how it might affect you.

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4-year degrees could be coming to a community college near you

Four-year institutions used to be the only option for students pursuing a bachelors degree, but an increasing number of states are passing provisions that allow two-year schools to offer their own four-year degrees.

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5 intriguing new and upcoming degree programs

From yoga studies to nanotechnology, these five educational programs are on the forefront of new and exciting fields.

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What employers want (Hint: It's not a squeaky clean transcript)

Impressive grades might earn you congratulatory nods from your professors, but beyond college, academic performance takes a back seat to practical skills. Find out what skill employers are really looking for.

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Legal aid: California helps students get from community college to law school

The legal field has always struggled with issues of homogeny and steep barriers to entry, but a California initiative aims at tipping the scales. The Community Colleges Pathway to Law School creates a clear educational track and offers academic support along the way.

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5 degrees you didn't know community colleges offered

Most community colleges offer the standard fare, but certain two-year institutions also offer highly specialized degree programs for niche professions. Here are 5 of the most wonderfully unique two-year degree programs available.

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6 ways to maximize your summer

School's out for the summer, but soon-to-be employers still expect you to use those months to boost your resume — and that's a good thing. Here are six ways to make the most of this season.

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6 extraordinary community college degrees in New York

From sleep specializations to wine marketing to professionally wheeling and dealing, New York offers a fantastic selection of community college degrees that simply aren't available in other states.

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5 things you didn't know about financial aid

Financial aid should go to the brightest and neediest students, but all too often the system throws the most scholarship dollars at those who best understand the rules of the game. These 5 tips could help you maximize your scholarship dollars and potentially reduce your debt.

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3 ways to tour an online college

You might miss out on the physical campus tour, but you can still tour a college as a prospective online student. Here are three ways to make that happen.

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5 initiatives that give grads a leg up after college

If the value of an education is best gauged by how marketable grads are, then alums from these schools are in great shape. Here are 5 initiatives that are helping college students around the country boost their resumes and experience.

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What are you worth? How the government calculates financial aid packages

A sweet financial aid package can mean the difference between heading to the college of your dreams or taking a cheaper route to your degree. Find out how the government calculates your expected family contribution and what you can do to improve your chances of getting a good aid package.

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