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* Acceptance Rate 96%
* Graduation Rate 39%
* Total Enrollment 77,734
* International Student Enrollment 112
* Student-Faculty Ratio 1160:1
* Financial Aid Available
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Participates in Title IV federal financial aid programs

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      $10,000 - $19,999
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      $20,000 - $40,000
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Ashford University

Technology changes everything® You’ve found Ashford University, where school comes to you. Ashford delivers relevant degree programs to you everywhere, any time, with a supportive community where you belong.
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Ashford University Programs

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    Ashford University is an educational institution founded in 1918 and based in Clinton, Iowa that offers both traditional campus-based and online instruction to students. The schooling at Ashford University aims to "cultivate student-centered learning," "foster intellectual and personal growth," and "place priority upon institutional effectiveness," according to the college's website.

    This is a summary of online Ashford University reviews relating to both campus-based and online programs. If a review pertains specifically to one or the other, we'll make it clear.

    Ashford University Review Highlights

    Students at Ashford University praised such aspects of the experience as "efficiency" and the "total control" that students can have over their schedules. Several Ashford University reviews report favorably that the college understands "the simple fact that people have responsibilities outside of academia." In other student testimonials, Ashford University is described as a "great school" where the professors engage students effectively in online discussion, "pressing them to explore further." Other reviews refer to the college as a "credible learning institution" that can help students "cultivate discipline."

    At the other end of the spectrum, some reviewers felt that not many in the advising department of Ashford University seem to "sincerely desire to help navigate" students through all circumstances. One former student speaks of teaching staff that is "not sympathetic to lingering technical issues." One more of these reviews makes the claim that the online instruction offered by Ashford University "is no where near the caliber at a traditional school," while another claims that the online coursework "requires more writing and research" than a traditional, campus-based college environment.

    Ashford University Student Testimonials and Quotes

    • "They set up an asynchronous format which allowed me to do the work when I could get to it. This school allowed me to plan around a chaotic and fluctuating schedule to meet the demands of family and job. Ashford University treated me like an adult." - Jon B.
    • "Great school for what it is designed for. Affordable, but high quality education." - Jacob M.
    • "I have found all but one of my classes to be challenging, and the instructors are always posting questions to students Blackboard discussions, pressing them to explore further. [Ashford University] is a quality school, that is accredited. If you are serious about learning, not looking for a free pass, [Ashford University] is an excellent choice." - Chad W.

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