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Bureau of Labor Statistics Jobs Report: March 2014

Technical writer salary & career outlook

If you know how to construct a sentence clearly, and desire to help a business communicate its message, then the growing field of technical writing may be for you.

Biological scientists salary & career outlook

The field of biological science contributes so many advances to medicine that becoming a biological scientist can not only be rewarding but also life-saving.

Commercial pilot salary & career outlook

Who hasn't wanted to fly a plane at some point in their life? Attend pilot school to become a commercial pilot and you can make that dream a reality.

Speech-language pathologists salary & career outlook

Speech-language pathologists help people with speech problems to communicate effectively. If just hearing that excites you, you may want to consider joining this rewarding, growing field.

Rehabilitation counselors salary & career outlook

You could make a good living by helping others, as rehabilitation counselors assist people in getting back on their feet . Read more to see how to become one and where the career is headed.

Bill and account collectors salary & career outlook

Someone has to collect debt. If you're firm and good at negotiating, then maybe it could be you. Find out more about a career as a bill or account collector.

Firefighter salary & career outlook

Who wouldn't want to be a hero? Even better, a hero who makes a career out of saving people's lives and possessions. Become a firefighter and that could be you.

Urban and regional planner salary & career outlook

City development doesn't have to remain virtual in your life, where you create one in SimCity. You can actually make it into a fulfilling, sustainable career.

Probation officers and correctional treatment specialists salary & career outlook

If you like helping people in tough situations, then becoming a probation officer or correctional treatment specialist may be for you. First step: college.

Interior designer salary & career outlook

If you've got artistic flare and a sustainable business sense, then becoming an interior designer could make a lot of sense and offer a rewarding career for you.

Political scientist salary & career outlook

If you want to affect change politically, but don't know how, then perhaps you should become a political scientist. It can be a rewarding and sustainable career.

Logistician salary & career outlook

Ever wonder how a product goes from a warehouse to the store? If so, you may want to look into becoming a logistician, a position that gets paid to help with that process.

Orthodontist salary & career outlook

It may not be fun to have braces. But it's worth it, which makes becoming an orthodontist a rewarding career option.

Landscape architect salary & career outlook

Ever find yourself in awe of a lovely park design? Why not get paid to do it yourself? A landscape architect career may be for you

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