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Computer and information research scientists salary & career outlook

Computer and information research can be a high-demand field, according to the BLS. Learn more about the industry, including important education, career and salary information.

Forensic science technician salary & career outlook

Forensic science technicians apply scientific principles to help solve crimes. They earn above-average salaries and make a difference in the criminal justice system.

Software developer salary & career outlook

The government says tech professionals will be in high demand. Discover how software developer schools can give you the education needed for a high-paying job.

Health educators salary & career outlook

Find important information about becoming a health educator, including applicable career, education and salary trends.

Athletic trainer salary & career outlook

Looking for a hot job in a growing field? Consider becoming an athletic trainer. More than a fitness coach, these health care professionals need specialized training from athletic trainer schools.

Elementary school teacher salary & career outlook

If you like working with children and enjoy teaching, a career as an elementary school teacher may be the right choice for you.

Anthropologist and archaeologist salary & career outlook

Anthropologist training online offers a versatile skill set valued from the university to the corporate boardroom. Learn what to expect from an anthropology or archaeology career, from the schools to the salary.

Medical scientist salary & career outlook

Medical scientists are at the forefront of improving the lives of people all over the world. Learn more about what it takes to become a medical scientist and what you might expect to earn in this field.

Social scientists salary & career outlook

People are complicated, but thanks to social scientists, we understand them better than ever. Learn more about how to become a social scientist here, including important career, training and salary trends.

Criminal justice professor salary & career outlook

Education and experience matter when it comes to becoming a criminal justice professor. Find out more about the steps that you might need to take to enter the field and the potential earnings.

Personal care aide salary & career outlook

Personal care aides have the rewarding task of helping adults with disabilities live independently and age in their homes. Learn what to expect from this rapidly-growing career path, from salary data to training options.

Legal administrative assistant salary & career outlook

Learn more about becoming a legal administrative assistant, including notable salary, career and education trends.

Experimental psychologist salary & career outlook

Experimental psychologists often focus on research, and these careers have a fascinating range of topics to explore. Find out about career outlook and salary potential for this branch of psychology.

Network and computer systems administrators salary & career outlook

Networking and computer systems administrators are an essential part of any organization's IT team. Learn more about the field, including important career, education and salary trends.

Juvenile corrections officers salary & career outlook

Juvenile corrections officers play an important role in maintaining safety and security in juvenile corrections facilities. Job prospects are expected to be strong in this field from 2008 to 2018.

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