New test prep app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and online

mobile app for test prep

BenchPrep recently announced a new cross-platform test prep and learning app for the Web, iPhone, iPad and Android. The solution is designed to allow a user to start a practice test on an iPhone, finish it on an iPad, then review the answers later online.

In addition to reviewing material, taking practice tests, studying digital flash cards and accessing customized progress reports, users can chat with other BenchPrep users and compare their performance with their friends' in real time.

BenchPrep has partnered with several leading educational publishers, including McGraw-Hill, John Wiley & Sons, Cengage Learning and Learning Express, to deliver content to students--according to the company, more than 150,000 students in 20 countries have already used BenchPrep's apps to study for tests, such as the SAT, GRE, LSAT, GMAT and MCAT.

Future plans for the app include the following:

  • Social Q&A--users will be able to post questions that are answered by their peers, tutors and other content experts
  • Public Notes--students will be able to post and access notes on review material and practice questions, including additional study resources and tips for learning concepts more effectively
  • Study Plans--users will be able to set a study schedule and set up alerts and notifications to stay both motivated and organized
  • Rewards and Leaderboards - students will be able to track performance and compete against their peers to gain rewards and establish credibility within the app

The company also plans to expand into a wide range of new subjects, including law, medicine, physical sciences and project management.

"With BenchPrep, the same student will be able to study her high school math lessons, prepare for the SAT as a high school senior, work on economics flashcards as an undergraduate student, get extra practice on the verbal section of the LSAT, and master concepts in preparation for the Bar exam," company co-founder Ujjwal Gupta said in a statement. "The vision of BenchPrep is to represent a continued, trusted source of educational and professional opportunity through a user's lifetime."