Degrees Defined: How a Master's in Business Administration Degree Can Improve Your Career Opportunities

What Is a Master's in Business Administration?

A Master's in Business Administration, better known as an MBA, is a prestigious postgraduate degree that provides training in both the theory and application of business and management principles. Within this degree, you can choose to focus on a number of different areas, including:

Why Get a Master's in Business Administration?

For certain business and financial careers, you may need to have an MBA in order to get a job. For example, financial managers, who direct a company's investment activities and develop their financial strategies, typically have an MBA with a concentration in economics or risk management. Database administrators, network systems analysts, and data communication analysts usually need an MBA with a concentration in information systems.

Benefits of an Online MBA

Various online schools offer MBA degree programs. These programs allow you to continue working while studying, which gives you the unique opportunity to put your new skills into practice almost immediately. This can prove especially useful if you're earning an MBA in order to obtain a promotion or raise and, accordingly, don't want to quit your current job to return to school. Some employers even offer tuition benefits or reimbursement schemes for employees who want to pursue an online Master's in Business Administration degree.

If you aren't yet working in business but still want to pursue an online MBA, then be sure to find an online degree program that offers networking opportunities. One of the most important benefits of this degree is the connections it gives you within the business community.

In the end, an MBA can provide you with several marketable skills and is therefore a very valuable degree.