How to Start Your Own Web Design Business

With the growing popularity of Flash animation and the critical need for dynamic web site developers, it's a great time to get training to launch your own animation and web design business.

First, you'll need to decide if owning a business is right for you. Are you willing to sacrifice a steady income, regular work hours, and three weeks of vacation a year? If so, you might be a strong candidate for growing your own web design business. The following tips can get you started.

Relevant Web Design and Animation Training or Experience

What skills will you need to start your own web design business? You must have relevant animation and Internet training, which means completing courses in Flash animation, web technologies, and graphic design. If you haven't completed related coursework, then you must have the equivalent in hands-on experience, either by working as a Flash animator, a web designer, or a graphic artist.

Start-Up Costs

You'll need to know of the challenges that most small entrepreneurs face. You'll need money to establish yourself and a minimum amount of resources to keep the business running until it begins turning a profit. By conducting market research and financial analysis, you can get a sense of how soon you can expect to reach profitability. Then you can determine how much savings you'll need to keep yourself afloat.

You'll also need money just to open shop. Animators and web developers rely on computers, software, printers and other peripherals. You will need an office fax and telephone system. You'll also need to rent office space and pay utilities--unless you plan to launch a home business.

With solid research, business planning, and animation and web skills training, you could be on your way to making web sites for your own clients--instead of those who currently pay your boss.