Increasing Interest in Residential Planning Points to the Benefits of Online Programs

In early 2007, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported that while the country's housing market continued to weaken, more than half of architects reported increases in home improvement projects. Those with training in residential planning through online programs may find themselves with a hot new career.

AIA reports: Trends in the Interior Design World

  • Nearly 40 percent of architects say that, in general, the size of kitchens and bathrooms is growing.
  • Upper-end appliances are increasingly popular, even for less-than-upscale homes.
  • More than 60 percent of architects saw increased interest in renewable materials and energy-efficient products.

A soft housing market, coupled with the effects of an aging, affluent baby boomer population, is driving these trends. Empty-nesters are scaling back on size, while upgrading to luxury amenities, and accessibility for the aged requires a new approach to space planning. These trends should continue for the next decade, at least, so now is the time to enroll in online courses in residential planning.

Go the Distance

Online programs in residential planning qualify you for a career as a residential planner, interior design retailer, or showroom coordinator. Plus, online courses give you the flexibility and qualifications that could lead you to a four-year interior design program.

Many online courses cover textiles, space planning, kitchen and bath planning, historic and contemporary styles, drafting, and computer-aided design (CAD). With distance learning, you can participate in your online courses at times that are convenient for you.  Complete online programs more quickly than traditional ones and gain experience working in an electronic environment. Increasingly, designers are using CAD and the Web to communicate their ideas to clients.

Most credits from online programs are transferable.  Should you decide to pursue a bachelor's degree in interior design distance learning will help get you there.



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