Nursing: A Healthy Career with Job Security

As the unemployment rate climbs toward 10 percent, with everyone from finance executives to construction workers losing their jobs, the field of nursing has managed to grow during the recession. In the 2008 article "Nursing: the recession-proof job market," CNN Money talked to Heidi Sadowsky, a registered nurse who left a career in finance for the job security of nursing.

"People are always going to be sick," Sadowsky said, "and the nurses are the front line in the hospitals."

Job Security in Tough Economic Times

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) shares Sadowsky's sentiment, stating that nurses should generate nearly 600,000 new jobs over the 2006-16 period. There are several factors that make nursing one of the country's fastest growing, most recession-proof careers:

  1. Health care is a necessity. Even in tough economic times, people continue to need medical treatment and nurses make up the largest number of health care professionals.
  2. Baby boomers. The aging baby boomer population may demand more medical care as they get older. Cheryl Peterson, senior policy fellow at the American Nurses Association, told CNN Money that this aging population "is only going to drive the demand." Furthermore, many nurses working today are baby boomers who may soon retire.
  3. Technological advances. The BLS points to advances in medical technology as a driver of growth because as new treatments emerge, more patients can be treated for a growing number of health problems.
  4. Preventive care. Medicine is focusing more and more on disease prevention, so the number of patients is increasing to include healthy individuals who want to ward off future problems.

Online Nursing School: Preparing You for a New Career

Nurses continue to be in demand.  The role of helping others can contribute to a fulfilling career that provides a sense of job security. Whatever your current position, a variety of full-time, part-time, and online nursing schools exist to meet your needs. To determine the option that's best for you, consider the following steps:

  • Evaluate your financial situation--would you like to keep your full-time job and take online classes during your free time? Decide whether or not you have the financial means to go to nursing school full-time.
  • If full-time nursing school is not an option, explore the many online nursing school programs that meet your needs.

Now that you have the information and tools to get started, go ahead and get on the path to a fulfilling, recession-proof career.