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Private college tuition up by almost 5 percent for coming school year

At the same time, institutional student aid is growing by an average of 7 percent.

Cyber security curriculum now available for high school students

The program is intended to provide students with a broad base of skills that can help them become cyber security professionals.

Database administration manager salary & career outlook

Find detailed salary information for database administration managers, as well as training requirements and job outlook for this fast-growing computer career.

Forensic analyst salary & career outlook

Forensic analyst careers are projected to grow 20 percent, as new techniques increase the value of forensics to law enforcement and prosecution. Learn more about the forensic analyst career path and salary outlook.

Are ACT scores an accurate indicator of college success?

Study suggests that two of the four ACT test subjects offer no meaningful predication of how well matriculating students will fare.

New study questions validity of ACT exam

The study finds that two of the four sub-tests of the exam, Reading and Science, provide little or no predictive power regarding a student's success in college.

MIS director salary & career outlook

Management information systems play an important role in many industries, and demand for MIS directors is growing. Learn more about MIS director schools and positions.

Kaplan: students using summer months to become stronger college applicants

The majority of survey respondents plan to research colleges online, visit a college campus, volunteer, and gain work experience.

Lawmakers seek answers on privacy issues surrounding SAT, ACT

Co-chairmen of Congressional Privacy Caucus call on nonprofit college entrance exam owners to explain data-collection practices.

Database management system specialist salary & career outlook

Database management system specialists are problem-solvers who maintain and improve organizations' information systems. Companies rely on database management system specialist to keep their information safe, and these specialists are in high demand.

New test prep app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and online

The app from BenchPrep is designed for use online, as well as on iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Computer information systems professor salary & career outlook

Salary and career outlook for postsecondary professors can vary greatly depending on several factors, including teaching specialization. Becoming a computer information systems professor requires specialized training, but working in this profession can be financially and personally rewarding.

Information technology professor salary & career outlook

The world of technology moves fast, and the computer science professor helps students stay ahead of the curve. Information technology professor schools offer comprehensive training that can lead to a good salary.

Jobs outlook for summer to heat up: survey

A new survey shows that summer job prospects are looking up this year.

New York State publishes high school graduation rates

Statewide, 73.4 percent of the students who started ninth grade in 2006 graduated within four years.

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