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A special report looks at the ways faculty members, administrators and students are leveraging new and evolving technologies.

More than 250,000 images of items from Yale's museums, archives and libraries can already be viewed online.

Industrial/organizational psychology professors teach others about the behavior of people within the workplace and conduct research to learn more about workplace dynamics.

The study found that U.S. schools aren't sufficiently prepared to teach students basic online safety, security and ethics.

The LDRSHIP Award recipients, each of whom will receive up to $2,500, are recognized for remarkable achievements both as students and as soldiers in the U.S. Military.

The free mobile app provides students with a searchable catalog for all of International Study Abroad's programs.

Georgia Doucette, a student at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine, received a $2,000 scholarship for her essay about Hillary Swank's character in the film "Freedom Writers."

The programs offer specialized coursework in mobile application design and programming.

The award will recognize schools for energy conservation, creating healthy learning spaces, and teaching environmental literacy.

Many survey respondents say they expect their lives to be harder than their parents' lives.

The majority of survey respondents say social networking sites are a good or excellent way to make connections that will help with a future career.

Many young adults are exploring less traditional approaches to education, such as internships and self-directed curricula.

A recent study found that while financial concerns remain a significant issue, young adults are generally optimistic about the future.

"Academic Growth over Time" is a new measurement of school success, which has been implemented by the Los Angeles Unified School District. School ratings will be based on the progress of individual students.

Florida legislators have introduced a bill into the Legislature which would make it a requirement for high school students to take at least one online class before graduation.

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