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Only three months after her appointment, New York City schools chancellor resigned. By "bizarre coincidence," the education chancellor for New York state also announced he'll be leaving his post at the end of the summer.

In the wake of a budget reduced by 25 percent in the last three years, the University of Arizona is now proposing a 22 percent increase in tuition rates for the 2011-2012 school year. Will this cause some students to seek other alternatives or abandon hopes of a college education all together?

The R.O.T.C. left schools like Columbia and Harvard over 40 years ago, but the times have changed and the military may be coming back to these schools.

A school voucher bill has passed the House and is headed for the senate. It would give select Washington D.C. students money to attend private schools.

At a town hall meeting Monday, President Obama said we should have more flexibility when evaluating the success or failure of schools in the United States.

A survey of 21,000 prospective college freshmen conducted in January 2011 and released Tuesday shows the recession is weighing more heavily on the minds of the potential class of 2015 than it did on their predecessors.

Interactive map shows nationwide broadband access in schools, colleges, universities, libraries and community centers.

Do you enjoy working with young children and leading creative educational activities? A career as a preschool teacher may be just right for you.

Joe Biden today announced that the Obama Administration is releasing a calculation of each state’s share of the President’s 2020 goal, as well as a free college completion toolkit packed with suggested policies intended to help governors boost their states' college graduation rates.

Learn more about starting a career as a pastry chef, including typical salaries by region, education and training requirements, and job outlook.

A new position paper suggests that the U.S. needs to raise the status of the teaching profession, following the model of countries such as South Korea, Singapore and Finland.

Nearly 800,000 GED Tests are taken each year. The new GED Testing Service will be overseen by a board of directors that will include executives from both Pearson and ACE.

Sec. Clinton announced the initiative is aimed at increasing the participation of women worldwide in public service and political leadership.

A career in massage therapy offers the opportunity to help others attain health and well-being, maintain a flexible schedule, and earn a good wage. Learn more about the job outlook and salary potential for massage therapists in the United States.

The new rugged laptop from Intel and Lenovo is designed for use by students in grades K-8.

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