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The Louisiana Supreme Court has blocked an effort to separate Newcomb College from Tulane.

The nonpartisan center is intended to advance the national conversation regarding civility in public debate.

A new report from the American Association of University Professors offers recommendations on safeguarding academy inquiry from political intrusion.

Electrical engineer salaries vary based on training and experience. Learn how electrical engineer training online can help you land a top salary.

The university has announced plans for a $4,600 reduction in tuition, fees, and room and board for the 2011-2012 school year.

Scott Walker wants to repeal a law giving University of Wisconsin faculty and academic staff the right to collectively bargain.

The fund will support medical research and academic programs at the university, as well as a wide range of charitable projects nationwide.

The latest fashion industry reports show that fashion designers with formal training are preferred by employers. Find out how fashion design online classes can help you achieve your career goals in this exciting field.

According to FinAid, the cuts would make 1.7 million students ineligible for Pell Grants.

Are you interested in an active and rewarding career as a personal trainer? Check out education requirements, job duties, and the average personal trainer salary in 2009.

Discover the latests counselor salary information and see how earning a degree can increase your earning potential in this important field.

Do you have a passion for teaching? If you'd like to combine it with the most attractive salary in the teaching world, then teaching at the post-secondary (or college) level is the best bet for you. You will have to invest a significant amount of time to obtain a Ph.D. in your field, but you can look forward to a tenure-track position, an attractive salary, and paid sabbaticals.

Research career possibilities as a structural engineer, including job duties, salary potential, and how to get structural engineer training online.

New technological solutions in special education, such as the new section of the App Store, can help all learners, not just those with special needs.

If you enjoy helping others in a health care setting, take advantage of burgeoning employment opportunities by becoming a medical assistant. Learn more about medical assistant training and salary information.

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