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Sandra Possing's Journey to Becoming a Life Coach

From the classroom, to the office, to the gym, to her work behind the bar, Sandra Possing has explored various careers after earning her bachelor's degree from UCLA. Read on to learn more about her exciting journey that has ultimately led to her goal of becoming a Life Coach.

How to Get Out of Debt

Need some tips to help you get out of debt? Read on to learn more about what you can do to get that piggy bank full again.

Contractors and Governments Rely on Land Surveying Experts

Can't sit in a cubicle all day and send emails or crunch numbers? Consider a career that gets you outdoors! A land surveying career lets you blend your technical skill with a love for the outdoors. Learn more about how this important profession can get you out of the office and into the sun.

Study Shows Online Education Enrollment is Up 17 Percent: Schools.com Launches Online Student Resources to Help

A new study shows online education enrollment is up 17%. Schools.com provides you with a free, 58-page downloadable with behind-the-scenes interviews with online professors and online students who are a part of this explosive growth.

A College Degree Can Pave the Way to a Rewarding Career

College graduates experience more career opportunities and higher earnings than those without college degrees. Read on to learn how online degree programs bring college education within your reach.

How a Certificate Can Lead to Your First Career or Career Advancement

Certificate programs vary widely, as some programs are tailored to undergraduates, while others programs are tailored to graduates or those looking to advance in the workplace. Learn more about which type of certificate program could help you advance professionally.

Why You Should Consider a Career as a Product Marketing Manager

Companies have products to sell and managers to manage those products. But what exactly does a product marketing manager do? Read on to learn more about how this position delves deeply into all aspects of a company and why it can be a very exciting career opportunity for those who are passionate.

Interested in Working In Entertainment? Consider An Entertainment Business Degree

If entertainment and business sounds like an appealing combination, read on to learn more about entertainment business degree programs.

Stop Procrastinating & Start Exploring Your Dream Career Today

Do you find yourself procrastinating when it comes to the big decisions in your life? Here are a few tips on how to embark upon a new career or pursue a quality education.

How to Start Your Own Web Design Business

If you want to work for yourself and enjoy the freedom of owning your own business, consider earning a degree that specializes in web design and animation. Read on to learn how to capitalize on your web design skills to make a great career for yourself.

Distracted in the Dorms? Consider an Online Degree Program

Though it can be a great experience, dorm life comes with a lot of distractions. If you need a little more quiet time while you earn your degree, consider exploring online degree programs that work for you.

Immigration Reform Creates Market for Human Resource Jobs

Immigration reform may force human resource jobs to resemble those in the high-tech industry, where work visas for foreign workers are common.

Sara Baraldi: A Showstopping Mom with a PhD in Theater Education

Thinking about earning your doctorate degree? Read about Sara Baraldi's experience coming from Puerto Rico to the US, where she earned her doctorate degree in Theater Education.

Fast Track: The Quickest Route to an Online MBA

Does Someone You Know Need Addiction Treatment?

There are a few questions you can ask to find out if someone you love - or yourself - is crossing the line between social drinking and problem drinking.

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