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Researchers report that a low-cost media campaign could help nearly 10 percent of students sleep better.

According to the Pew Research Center, more women than men also say college helped them grow intellectually and mature as a person.

In 2010, 6.2 million students were enrolled in online education courses--a number that accounts for 30 percent of all post-secondary enrollments.

Twenty-five percent of the graduates of the class of 2011 who took the exam met or exceeded all four of the ACT College Readiness Benchmarks.

Utah poll shows people with a post-secondary degree or certificate earn more money, live happier lives and are a bigger benefit to their community than those with no education beyond high school.

Researchers found that scores on standardized tests were between 3 percent and 6 percent lower in schools where students reported a severe bullying climate.

Forty-four percent of respondents said their college's dining program was at least somewhat important in deciding where to enroll.

Technology continues to change the college classroom.

A quarter of grad students are likely to consider a career outside of science purely due to the potential constraints on their family lives.

The process is intended to provide districts and schools with the flexibility to improve student achievement by raising standards while Congress works towards reauthorization.

According to a SimpliFi survey, 62 percent expect their children to share the responsibility of paying for college.

The rankings, which also include Best Professors (Wellesley), Best Career Services (Univ. of Fla) and many others,  have been published at The Princeton Review's Web site and in its guidebook, "The Best 376 Colleges: 2012 Edition."

Still, only 11 percent of American adults say a student's behavior in class is primarily the teacher's responsibility.

The average mid-career salary for the top 20 schools is down by more than five percent from 2008.

The report also notes that the scope of voucher programs and proposals has recently broadened beyond serving just low-income families to serving middle- and higher-income families.

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