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Women less likely to remain engineering majors, become engineers, study reports

According to the study's authors, the reason women don't tend to stick to engineering comes down to women's lack of 'professional role confidence.'

41 percent of law school admissions officers have "Googled" applicants, survey finds

A new survey reveals that close to half of law school admissions officers say they've "Googled" an applicant, and 37 percent have looked an applicant up on Facebook or on another social networking site.

In-state tuition and fees up by 8.3 percent at public colleges, universities

According to the College Board, the rise in tuition and fees varies widely from state to state, with an increase of 21 percent in California, but only 2.5 percent in Connecticut.

Colleges greatly improve local economies, study finds

The results, according to the report, include faster population and economic growth, higher wages, increased worker productivity, and greater innovation.

University of Chicago researchers uncover strategies for overcoming math anxiety

Handling the emotional aspect of math anxiety, the researchers say, seems to be far more important than simply improving a student's mathematical skills.

Airport baggage screener salary & career outlook

Airport baggage screeners play an important role in safe air travel. Find detailed salary and career outlook information for this career.

California community colleges get $6.9 million for mental health training

The money will be used over a three-year period for faculty and staff training on student mental health issues, suicide prevention, and peer-to-peer services.

Rankings of the most expensive colleges announced

While only one college had a total annual cost of more than $50,000 in 2007 when Campus Grotto's rankings were initiated, now 111 colleges do.

Minority students are disproportionately disciplined in schools, report finds

A report from the Civil Rights Project at UCLA suggests that the overuse of zero tolerance policies and other forms of discipline have a negative impact on student achievement.

Starting salary offers up by 6 percent for the class of 2011

The overall average salary offer to a bachelor's degree graduate rose from $48,288 for the class of 2010 to $51,171 for the class of 2011.

Student satisfaction is up at colleges and universities

A Noel-Levitz study found that students are more satisfied with colleges and universities than they were 15 years ago, and more students are enrolling full time.

Teachers paid less in schools with more minority students, survey finds

In school districts across the U.S., teachers at schools with more Latino and African American students are paid an average of $2,500 less than teachers in the district as a whole.

Community colleges receive $500 million in grants for job training

The grants represent the first installment in the Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training program.

Obama eases No Child Left Behind burden for states

New waiver program will enable states to develop alternative accountability plans to ensure schools are producing college- and career-ready graduates.

Up to half of top students fail to maintain academic performance over time

A study by the Thomas B. Fordham Institute has found that many high-achieving students don't sustain their elite performance.

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