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Curator salary & career outlook

Curator jobs can be competitive, but the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects faster-than-average job growth in the coming years. Learn what curators earn and how to become one.

Instructional Coordinators Salary & Career Outlook

Instructional coordinators provide teachers with the tools and curricula necessary to educate and inspire. Learn more about these professionals, including key career and education trends.

Mental Health Counselors Salary & Career Outlook

Work as a mental health counselor can be rewarding, but it also can be stressful and challenging. If you have compassion and sympathy for people's problems, as well as a good ear and thoughtful insight, working as a mental health counselor may be the right career choice for you.

Civil engineer salary & career outlook

Demand for civil engineers is good and salaries can be favorable as well. This guide will tell you how (and why) to become one.


Cost estimator salary & career outlook

Cost estimation is an in-demand field with a great deal of earning potential. Learn more about what cost estimation entails, including important training and salary trends.

Geographers salary & career outlook

Learn about the growing job prospects for geographers, including geographer salary 2011 ranges, regions of strong opportunity and the availability of geographer training online.

Prosthodontist salary & career outlook

Prosthodontists use their specialized training to rebuild broken smiles. Find out how to prepare for this essential specialization within the dental profession. 

Self-enrichment education teacher salary & career outlook

Self-enrichment teacher training prepares you to help students develop personal interests and skills. Learn more about self-enrichment education teacher salary in 2012, as well as other rewards of this vocation.

Skin care specialist salary & career outlook

Salaries for skin care specialists vary based on region, with the largest American cities generally offering the top wages. Find out about average salaries and how much this career is expected to grow.

Home health aide salary & career outlook

Discover what it takes to become a home health aide, including notable career, salary and education trends.


Armed guard salary & career outlook

From personal protection to business surveillance, armed guards provide their clients with peace of mind. Discover how much you can expect to earn with a career in this growing field.

Security guard supervisor salary & career outlook

Find detailed information on security guard supervisor salaries, as well as training requirements and the job outlook for this career.

Women less likely to remain engineering majors, become engineers, study reports

According to the study's authors, the reason women don't tend to stick to engineering comes down to women's lack of 'professional role confidence.'

University of Chicago researchers uncover strategies for overcoming math anxiety

Handling the emotional aspect of math anxiety, the researchers say, seems to be far more important than simply improving a student's mathematical skills.

Airport baggage screener salary & career outlook

Airport baggage screeners play an important role in safe air travel. Find detailed salary and career outlook information for this career.

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