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CEP report finds no clear benefit from school vouchers

The report also notes that the scope of voucher programs and proposals has recently broadened beyond serving just low-income families to serving middle- and higher-income families.

Healthcare costs on the rise at colleges and universities

The median annual plan premiums rose to $5,868 for employee-only coverage, and to $16,388 for employee plus family coverage.

Study: Nearly 60% of Texas public school students suspended or expelled

A study that followed almost a million Texas public school students for more than six years showed that almost 60 percent were suspended or expelled.

Sorry, Junior: retirement trumps college savings for more Americans

A new survey shows 26 percent of Americans believe a college education is not a good investment and 46 percent say it's more important to save for their own retirement than for a child's education.

Survey: majority of internships done by college Class of 2011 were paid

According to the survey, more than 61 percent of college students who undertook a paid internship in the for-profit sector had a job offer at the time of graduation.

Coca-Cola Foundation awards $1 million for study abroad programs in China

The grants will help six U.S. colleges and universities send more than 160 students to China over the next four years.

Study examines reasons for students' choice of where to attend college

Thirty-seven percent of high school seniors surveyed said the current economy heavily or highly influenced where they chose to enroll.

Blackboard launches real-time collaboration platform for education

Blackboard Collaborate offers Web, video and voice conferencing as well as presence, instant messaging and voice authoring.

Salle Mae introduces insurance services for college students

The new Sallie Mae Insurance Services will offer tuition insurance, renters insurance and student health insurance.

Bank of America supports paid summer internships for high school students

The company is investing more than $1 million this year in its Student Leaders program.

Efforts to repeal new DoE regulations advance

Support builds for legislation seeking to repeal regulations establishing burdensome certification requirements for online schools and creating federal definition of "credit hour."

Average starting salary offer for college class of 2011 up by 4.8 percent

According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, this is the third consecutive quarterly increase.

U.S. News & World Report plans online education rankings

The plan is to publish a searchable directory of online education programs later this year.

Study: U.S. needs 20 million more college-educated workers by 2025

In order to reach that goal, 75 percent of the workforce will have to have at least one year of college education.

More than a third of college students say they use mobile apps while driving

The survey was conducted by Lauren McCartney, a student in the University of Alabama at Birmingham's Department of Psychology.

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