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Biochemist and biophysicist salary & career outlook

Salaries in for biochemists and biophysicists will vary based on employer, specialty, education and regional location. Here are the reported 2010 wages by location and industry in research and biotechnology fields for students pursuing online training.

Skin care specialist salary & career outlook

Salaries for skin care specialists vary based on region, with the largest American cities generally offering the top wages. Find out about average salaries and how much this career is expected to grow.

Financial examiner salary & career outlook

Financial examiners ensure compliance with financial laws and play an important role in companies and government agencies. Financial examiner salaries can be impressive, and their employment is expected to grow much faster than average from 2008 to 2018.

Home health aide salary & career outlook

Discover what it takes to become a home health aide, including notable career, salary and education trends.


Information security analyst salary & career outlook

Information security analysts help companies and organizations create and monitor safe computer networks. Salary figures and job projections for these computer professionals remain favorable.

Legal assistant salary & career outlook

Legal assisting careers are expected to grow by 28 percent 2008-2018. Learn more about becoming a legal assistant, including key salary, training and job trends.

Armed guard salary & career outlook

From personal protection to business surveillance, armed guards provide their clients with peace of mind. Discover how much you can expect to earn with a career in this growing field.

Certified legal secretary specialist salary & career outlook

Within the legal secretarial field, some professionals rise to the level of certified legal secretary specialists. Learn more about the qualifications of these legal experts and how you can join their ranks.

Security guard supervisor salary & career outlook

Find detailed information on security guard supervisor salaries, as well as training requirements and the job outlook for this career.

Medical director salary & career outlook

Medical directors are experienced physicians who leverage their expertise to make a difference in hospitals, care facilities and companies.

Legal transcriptionist salary & career outlook

Legal transcriptionists and court reporters record legal proceedings. Learn about salary and career outlook, along with education requirements, for legal transcriptionists and court reporters.

Most common cheating charge in college is plagiarism, study finds

Other key patterns that emerged: most cheating happens during first-year college courses and in social science programs.

Women less likely to remain engineering majors, become engineers, study reports

According to the study's authors, the reason women don't tend to stick to engineering comes down to women's lack of 'professional role confidence.'

Computer security manager salary & career outlook

Learn more about computer security management, including notable education, earnings and employment trends.

41 percent of law school admissions officers have "Googled" applicants, survey finds

A new survey reveals that close to half of law school admissions officers say they've "Googled" an applicant, and 37 percent have looked an applicant up on Facebook or on another social networking site.

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