Online Degree Programs: Educational Administration

Online Education Administration Degree Programs
Educational administrators set educational standards and establish policies to meet goals. In primary and secondary schools, administrators hold principal, assistant principal, and superintendent positions. In colleges and universities, they hold provost, dean, and other administrative positions. A master's degree is the minimum requirement for primary and secondary positions. A PhD is typically required for positions in university administration.

Online Education Administration Degree Programs: Training & Careers
Online degrees are available at master's and doctoral levels. Specialized degrees are also available in subjects like college administration and leadership, college training, and student affairs. Coursework varies from program to program, but can cover subjects such as management, student services, student development, and diversity in higher learning.

Administrators are generally compensated by the level of the positions of leadership they hold within their organizations. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that, in 2008, administrators in post-secondary institutions earned yearly mean salaries of $92,920, while administrators in elementary and secondary schools earned $86,170.