Liberal Arts and Humanities: A Diverse Education for a Variety Careers

Liberal Arts and Humanities: Diverse Programs for a Variety of Careers
Fields such as arts, literature, language, and philosophy make up the liberal arts and humanities. The liberal arts are often thought of as the most important fields for developing general knowledge, intellectual capabilities, and rational, democratic thought. An entire group of schools--liberal arts colleges--are devoted to providing undergraduates with an education in these fields, with the idea that a liberal arts background is the best preparation for both a thoughtful life and a career in whatever profession you choose.

Liberal arts and humanities degree programs emphasize reading and writing as the primary methods for gaining knowledge, so you'll come away with strong writing abilities, which are invaluable in any number of careers. Many people pursue professions such as law, teaching, medicine, or business after completing their liberal arts education, and that's perhaps the most exciting part of a liberal arts education--it's not focused on preparing you for any one career.

While campus-based liberal arts colleges offer an array of specific programs to fit your interests, many online schools offer liberal arts and humanities programs, as well. An online degree program could be a great way for you to study this highly diverse field while raising a family or working a nine-to-five.