Guide to Paralegal & Legal Services Degree Programs

Among the numerous job prospects in legal and courtroom settings, a paralegal is almost always in high demand. Although some paralegals train on the job, many employers these days require certification from a paralegal school.

Training for a paralegal job is a good investment since this profession is expected to grow faster than average according to the Department of Labor as legal offices cut costs by delegating work to paralegals that used to be done by lawyers. Paralegals are now hired by not only law firms, but corporate legal departments and government law offices as well.

Although paralegals are taking on many duties similar to lawyers, they are still prohibited from duties such as giving legal advice and presenting cases in the courtroom. A paralegal school offers courses on legal computer applications software and how to conduct legal research on the Internet.

Some schools offer paralegal job internships, which greatly increases the opportunities for job placement after graduation. The paralegal job profession, although competitive, is a positive career choice, especially for formally trained and skilled graduates.