Technology and IT Careers: Forge New Paths at Online Schools

Technology & IT: Career Paths for Tech Junkies
In today's information era, job candidates with technology and IT expertise are in higher demand than ever. Organizations in every sector of the economy need computer networks, information systems, and security systems to protect their information. With such widespread need, IT jobs today involve wildly different responsibilities and skills--from Web engineers who create online applications to information architects who design data storage and retrieval systems. This means whether you want a fast-paced business technology job or a more flexible government consulting position, you can find a home in IT.

Because information technology is at the heart of many of the most exciting innovations of recent years--think GPS systems, smartphone applications, and innovative computer games--it's also a field ripe with opportunities if you have an entrepreneurial spirit. If a blend of creative thinking, hard science, and love of change sounds like a mix you could handle, take a close look at the IT field. You might just find you belong at the cutting edge.