Veterinary Science & Animal Care Online Degrees and Career Training

College Degrees in Veterinary Science and Animal Care
Veterinarians must possess considerable knowledge in many animal categories in order to diagnose and treat their ailments. They do preventative maintenance and routine care to help keep animals healthy. Some veterinarians also perform surgery. The minimum education for a veterinarian is a Doctor of Veterinarian Medicine (DVM) degree or graduation from a 4-year veterinary medicine program at an accredited college.

Animal caretakers assist veterinarians in examining pets, feed and water them, clean and disinfect cages, help administer medicine or injections, and perform various other duties as prescribed by the veterinarian.

Career training in veterinary science and animal care is available through certificates of completion, associate's, bachelor's, and D.V.M. degrees from on-campus and online college degree programs.

Veterinary Science Job Forecast
Excellent job opportunities are expected for veterinaryand animal care positions. The demand will grow faster than average when compared to other occupations. The mean annual wage for veterinarians and animal caretakers in 2008 was $89,450 and $21,550, respectively, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.