Episode 9 - Northeast Community College

This week's Prep Rally podcast features a triple threat from Northeast Community College in Nebraska: Derek Bierman, John Blaylock and Carla Streff. These three staffers join us to discuss the innovative use of technology at Northeast, what it teaches, and how it's changing the ways both students and faculty approach education.


Eric Lipsky

Eric Lipsky

Eric always has his puns loaded and is ready for any conversation where he can learn something new. He loves sports, reading, learning languages, and getting compliments on his culinary creations. He goes by the saying: “It’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice.”

Jamar Ramos

Jamar Ramos

Poet, fiction author, content creator: it should be no surprise that Jamar is also hungry for knowledge, and working on a podcast about education helps satiate his ravenous appetite. When not building worlds made of words, Jamar can be found talking about sports, especially the San Francisco Giants and the Dallas Cowboys.

Jocelyn Blore

Jocelyn Blore

Jocelyn is often found juggling her soccer ball, getting crushed by chess bots, and maintaining a large (mostly useless) vocabulary. More than anything, she adores sending longhand letters to her friends and kinfolk. She thanks you for reading this far.

Jocelyn Blore

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What is this podcast about? It is about collaborating with postsecondary professionals to provide information on degree programs, unique courses, and admissions criteria and tips. It is about giving you the answers you may need to make informed decisions about your future scholastic endeavors.  To put it simply, dear listener, this podcast is about you.

Prior preparation prevents poor performance, and we want to help you prepare for college in the best way possible. You can connect with us on Twitter and Google+ and share thoughts, concerns, and queries that you have, and we will work hard to find qualified professions to provide the answers.

That's what education is about: asking questions and learning. Let's learn together!


Sarah Jadwin

Episode 8 - Sarah Jadwin

Ohio State University student Sarah Jadwin joins us for this week's episode of the Prep Rally podcast. Jadwin, the communications manager for OSU's EcoCAR 2 team, discusses the importance of green technology and how students can develop those "soft skills" that are oh-so-important for boosting their career potential.

Blake Rupe

Episode 7 - Blake Rupe

July 29, 2014 -- On the latest edition of the Prep Rally podcast, we speak to Blake Rupe, Founder and CEO of Re-APP. We talk about what traits she feels make a good entrepreneur, the Bedell Entrepreneurship Learning Laboratory, and how a trip to Mexico spawned the idea for an app to help people be more environmentally conscious. Green means let's go!

Kevin Finson

Episode 6 - Kevin Finson

July 15, 2014 — On the latest edition of the Prep Rally podcast, we speak with Kevin Finson, co-director of the Bradley University STEM center and a professor of teacher education. We discuss how educators can make science more accessible for students with disabilities, how young students perceive scientists and the benefits to having diversity in the scientific community. To the laboratory!

Josh Berry

Episode 5 - Josh Berry

July 1, 2014 — Josh Berry, program manager at NMotion, Inc. is our guest on this week's edition of the Prep Rally podcast. Josh speaks to us about his own postsecondary education, being constantly invested in yourself and his idea of L.U.V: Listen, Understand and Validate. We also discuss his work with startups at NMotion and qualities that successful entrepreneurs share. We also have a new mic. Feel the high-quality tones wash over you!

Blanch Thunbnail

Episode 4 - Christina Blanch

June 17, 2014 — On this week's edition of Prep Rally we talked to Christina Blanch, adjunct professor at Ball State University. Hoping to satisfy our inner nerd, we spoke to Blanch about comic books and how she uses them as an educational tool. She taught an open online course on gender in comic books, and we asked her about the success she had with using that medium as her textbook and what we can all learn from them. We are also joined by our new co-host, friend and fellow comic lover, Jocelyn Blore. Also, if you hear a squeal in the middle of the podcast, that is just Jamar geeking out. Listeners assemble!

Hummel Thumb

Episode 3 - Will Hummel

June 3, 2014 — On this week's edition of Prep Rally we converse with Will Hummel, admissions officer at Pomona College in Claremont, California. We spoke to him about how he applied for college and how the process has evolved in the years between his acceptance and becoming an admissions officer. We also asked him about some of the ways students can separate themselves from the other applicants during the process. Eric even grilled him on whether Hummel would have accepted himself when he was a student applying for colleges. Listen to find out Hummel's answer!

Howard Fuller

Episode 2 - Howard Fuller (Marquette University)

May 27, 2014 — On this week's edition of Prep Rally we spoke to Howard Fuller, Professor of Education and the Director of the Institute for the Transformation of Learning at Marquette University. Some of the topics we touched on include how to get students invested in their education, some of the issues he sees in our current system, and how we can all help to fix these issues for our youth. One issue we didn't get to fix was the fact our normal recording room was taken. See if you can hear the party that was going on in the conference room nearby!

Ken White Thumbnail

Episode 1 - Ken White

May 20, 2014 — On this week's edition of Prep Rally, we are joined by Ken White, Associate Dean of the full-and-part-time MBA and MS programs at the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. Dean White spoke to us about his personal history with the MBA process as well as his current professional capacity. If you want to learn a bit more about the MBA admissions process, this is the podcast for you! Also note how many times White applauded us for our questions. Let’s hope it doesn’t go to our heads!