Online Customer Service Degree Programs

If you're good at problem-solving and working with people, a career in customer service might be perfect for you. Below are the quick facts about a few specific customer-service jobs. If you're already employed, be sure to look into online degrees to fulfill the career training requirements for these fields.

Help-desk technician: A computer-related associate's degree is the minimum educational requirement for many computer support specialist jobs, and their average salary is $46,370.

Customer service representative: While post-secondary education is not mandatory for all customer service representatives, more and more employers are beginning to prefer those who have an associate or bachelor's degree. The average salary is $31,790.

Bank teller: Tellers can also get started without higher education, but some employers prefer their employees to have some college or a bachelor's degree in business or accounting. They earn an average salary of $24,250.

Insurance sales agent: Employers usually prefer sales agents with college degrees in economics or business. They earn on average $60,440.

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