Online E-commerce Degree Programs

There are a variety of college degrees you can earn that enable you to work in e-commerce. Below are just some example e-commerce jobs:

  • Marketing Manager: These professionals develop companies' marketing strategies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, they earn an average salary of $118,160; because this career's growth is expected to be only average, it's vital to have the right training (such as a business degree) and experience for the best opportunities.
  • Graphic Designer: Graphic designers create visuals to communicate an ideas. They earn an average salary of $46,750, and many jobs require at least a bachelor's degree in graphic design.
  • Computer Systems Analyst: Computer systems analysts help companies utilize new technologies. This career is growing quickly. Most jobs require a bachelor's degree in computer science or a related field. Systems analysts earn an average salary of $78,830.

If you want a job in e-commerce, figure out what your interests are. Many online degrees in business and technology can help you reach your goal.

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