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The fast-moving field of health care technology includes the use of x-ray equipment to produce images of bones, tissues, organs and vessels. At x-ray technician school, students learn how to use this equipment safely to become an x-ray technician (also known as radiologic technologists and technicians or radiographers).

A two-year associate degree at x-ray technician school is a popular route to become an x-ray technician. Students should ensure programs are accredited and meet the licensing requirements of the state in which they want to practice.

Core subjects of an x-ray technician school program include physics (including radiation safety), biology, and anatomy. X-ray technician school programs also require a clinical rotation which is a chance for students to get out of the classroom and work with experienced medical staff.

Clinical rotation gives students an opportunity to learn how to use some of the most advanced equipment in the field of health care technology and to hone their patient care skills.

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