Top Jobs in Long Beach, Glendale and Los Angeles

The Los Angeles metro area, which includes the city of Los Angeles and the surrounding areas of Glendale and Long Beach, has a few particularly steady industries, including health care, business and skilled trades. There are more than 6.35 million adults aged 18-64 in Los Angeles County, according to the 2010, U.S. Census, but the area typically has a strong economy to match its large population.

The largest industry in Los Angeles by employment is international trade, with close to 300,000 jobs supported by goods passing through the Los Angeles/Long Beach Port, according to the Los Angeles Mayor's Office of Economic and Workforce Development. Other major industries in the area include health sciences and the creative economy, particularly the entertainment industry centered in Hollywood.

For job-seekers who want a career in California with good potential, check out five of the fastest growing careers in the Los Angeles metro area. The chart was created based on long-term career data collected by California's Employment Development Department, which tracks labor statistics, and on wage and growth data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Home Health Aides

Marketing Research Analysts/Marketing Specialists

EMTS and Paramedics

Medical Scientists

Marriage and Family Therapists

Typical Entry-Level Education

Less Than High School

Bachelor's degree

Postsecondary non-degree award

Doctoral or professional degree

Master's degree

Mean annual salary metro area (May 2013)






Mean annual salary statewide (May 2013)






Projected growth metro area through 2020






Projected growth statewide through 2020






Employment per 1,000 jobs
(May 2013)






Out of these chosen careers, medical scientists take home the highest mean annual salary, and their growth projected growth in the LA area is more than twice the BLS' national projection of 13 percent. But you'll typically require a Ph.D. for that job, the BLS reports. The marketing research analyst and specialist field often requires only a bachelor's degree, but it boasts more projected growth and still maintains a solid salary.

These jobs were designated “top” based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the State of California Employment Development Department, which called out that they were among the fastest-growing jobs relevant at both the regional metro and state levels.


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