The death of manners

Infographic Thumbnail: Death of manners

by Kristin Marino | March 5, 2012

Please. Thank you. No, sir. Yes, ma’am. If these words sound foreign to you, it’s because we are in the middle of a rude awakening. Manners, it seems, are dead in today’s society—and it’s not going unnoticed. In fact, 76 percent of adults believe Americans are ruder and less civilized than they were 20 or 30 years ago.

From the forests of Maine to the California coast, people are seeing more rudeness, hearing more rudeness, and speaking more rudeness. The question is why? In the below infographic, we share shocking stats about just how rude today’s society is—and why old-fashioned manners have become extinct.

Infographic: Death of manners

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