How to become a clinical psychologist

Infographic Thumbnail: How to Become a Clinical Psychologist

by Kristin Marino | May 2, 2012

To happiness and to good health… Clinical psychologists do more than toast to these values—They help people achieve them. Using treatment methods like expert counseling, psychologists target mental issues such as depression and anxiety, substance abuse and serious mental disorders like schizophrenia. Few professionals have the potential to impact personal well-being as deeply as clinical psychologists.

In addition to the satisfaction of guiding patients toward health and happiness, psychologists earn access to a rapidly growing career path with solid earning power. The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts 22 percent growth in the 2010-2020 decade, with especially strong opportunities in health facilities and geriatric care. Learn more about clinical psychology careers at Schools.com’s In-depth guide to working in psychology and behavior.

Infographic: How to Become a Clinical Psychologist

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