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Study suggests that two of the four ACT test subjects offer no meaningful predication of how well matriculating students will fare.

The majority of survey respondents plan to research colleges online, visit a college campus, volunteer, and gain work experience.

Co-chairmen of Congressional Privacy Caucus call on nonprofit college entrance exam owners to explain data-collection practices.

When this wife and mother decided to leave a high-stress, low-paying job for something with better prospects, she got her MLS degree online and a cool job as a reference librarian.

The ClearCause Foundation was founded by Allen and Sheryl Hill, whose son Tyler died during a trip to Japan in 2007.

We highlight the leaders in entry-level hires as revealed by the CollegeGrad.com Top Employers Survey 2011.

Experts agree that a key challenge in protecting critical digital systems is a talent shortage, but more schools are offering degree programs as cybersecurity comes into its own.

$150 million in funding is available to school districts and non-profit organizations that address any of five key areas of reform.

We highlight the top tech tools for starting your own study group online, along with guidance for how to organize and run group meetings.

Eleven administrators weigh in on eight key issues that community colleges are facing, including how to integrate technology on campus and how to keep students on a successful path to college completion.

A Georgetown University study examines the difference in earning potential between 171 college majors in 15 categories.

The LDRSHIP Award recipients, each of whom will receive up to $2,500, are recognized for remarkable achievements both as students and as soldiers in the U.S. Military.

Students say they want more career-focused educations. (How else will they pay off all those student loans?) To help them out, we outline five ways to turn college into job training.

Just in time for Mother's Day, we offer sage advice, tales from the trenches, inspiration and practical study tips from matriculating moms on how to become a Dean’s List Diva without losing your mind--or your family.

A survey of 21,000 prospective college freshmen conducted in January 2011 and released Tuesday shows the recession is weighing more heavily on the minds of the potential class of 2015 than it did on their predecessors.

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