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Going back to college at 40 comes with a set of challenges most 18-year-olds don't deal with. But it can be done, by overcoming these common challenges.

psychology degree jobs

Becoming a psychologist isn't the only thing you can do with a psych degree. This versatile major can give graduates a wide-open career field and myriad job possibilities. Find out about 5 surprising options.

how to avoid student loan default

Student loan debt might be inevitable for some grads, but student loan default is another matter. Check out 4 tips to set yourself up for success after graduation, including checking out jobs in the best states to repay student loans.

Going back to college at 30 has its own set of challenges. But it can be done successfully. Here are three common obstacles and how to overcome them.

gavel and law books

Want to be a lawyer without going all the way through law school? The legal apprenticeship route requires serious self-discipline but can also save serious cash.

Mothers going back to college face many challenges, ranging from paying for school to finding time to sleep. But it can be done. Here's how.

group of new graduates

With college costs skyrocketing, academics debate whether graduating in three years is a solution. Find out how these accelerated degree programs work and if they might be right for you.

For working adults, earning a degree isn't just academic. These nontraditional college students face unique challenges, and support from their school is the difference between graduating and dropping out.

pencil erasing debt

Student loan news is largely doom and gloom, but many borrowers have come up with solutions for paying off student debt quickly. Here's how three people, each of whom tackled at least $80,000 in student loans, beat their debt and never looked back.

financial aid sign

Beware of the front-loaded financial aid package. Some schools offer freshmen substantial "merit aid," then sneakily reduce those scholarships and grants in subsequent years. Check out these 3 strategies that can help you get more financial aid later in college.

job interview

Despite online degrees being totally legitimate, some employers still look at them with a skeptical eye. Here's how to alleviate their concerns.

money and graduation hat

College can be prohibitively expensive, but some institutions are seeking a way to boost their affordability and accessibility: a college degree for $10,000.

job fair sign

You're less than a year away from joining the workforce for decades. It's understandable that you want to relax. But it's not wise if you want to land a great job out of college. Here's what you should do instead.

new grad in front of chalkboard

New grads without a career-track degree don't have to lack for opportunities. Education and industry experts weigh in on finding a career after graduating from a program with no direct professional path.

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