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financial aid office sign

Student loan debt in the U.S. is nearly $1.2 trillion, and income-based repayment plans are one of the main ways new grads finance their debt. But who are those plans helping most?

three students in library

Students who start their college tenure with a few credits under their belts can often shave a significant amount of time — and tuition — off of their higher education bills. Find out how.

laptop in library

Being an online student doesn't mean missing out on the research opportunities your on-campus counterparts have. Find out about 4 important research resources for distance-learners.

graduation hat and money

If your financial aid package isn't helping as much as you need, there are other ways to fund your education. Check out these 5 unique strategies that can help you pay for college.

university application file

Just because you got B's in high school, doesn't mean you can't get into an A college. You just have to know how to go about it.

Pencil erasing student loans

Graduates strapped with student debt don't have many options when it comes to reducing the total amount they owe on their loans, but refinancing can be a good one for many borrowers.

resume and keyboard

You might not have to wander far from campus to build your resume — not with these excellent opportunities, at least.

hands writing a technical manual

Wondering what you might need to get started on a career in technical writing? Check out the latest article in our Career Toolbox series for ideas on what to do next.

e-learning computer with diploma

Hybrid degree programs -- which blend online and on-campus courses -- can be the perfect compromise for busy people who still long for the college experience. But not all are created equal.

marketing steps

Wondering what's the next step to take in a marketing career? Check out the first article in our toolbox series for ideas on what to do.

Man studying

If you're going back to school, you could spend your days buried in scholarship applications — or simply pass the tuition bill to your boss. These 9 companies offer great educational benefits to their employees.

Graduation hat with price tag

You've been accepted to your dream school, but can you afford that institution? Here's a crash course that can help you figure out just how much college debt you can handle.

Piggy bank

Tuition exchange discounts can potentially save students thousands of dollars in out-of-state college fess. Learn more about these programs.

New degree: Digital curation

Information and media aren't only found in print or physical format anymore. Libraries realize this, and have started collecting items digitally, creating the need for digital curation degree programs.

Tuition reimbursement: What you need to know

Tuition reimbursement incentives can be an excellent way for working adults to reduce college costs without getting mired in financial aid paperwork. Learn more about them here.

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