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marketing steps

Wondering what's the next step to take in a marketing career? Check out the first article in our toolbox series for ideas on what to do.

New degree: Digital curation

Information and media aren't only found in print or physical format anymore. Libraries realize this, and have started collecting items digitally, creating the need for digital curation degree programs.

Tuition reimbursement: What you need to know

Tuition reimbursement incentives can be an excellent way for working adults to reduce college costs without getting mired in financial aid paperwork. Learn more about them here.

Should you take the ACT or SAT?

It's a question that's never been the easiest to answer, but if you consider all the factors, choosing between the SAT and the ACT doesn't have to be difficult.

College Prep

Education is a pivotal component both in life and in college, and it starts with good teachers. According to the University of Nevada, Reno, college preparation is paramount.

Avoiding a FAFSA faux pas

Avoiding FAFSA blunders could help college students and their families secure financial aid. Find out which common mistakes to avoid in order to give yourself the best shot at FAFSA funds.

Three ways to build your resume in college

A bachelor's degree alone may not be enough to find a job after college. You can and should do more during college to beef up that resume, like these three things.

The importance of applying to

It might be a stretch, but applying to colleges where you have little chance is still worth it for a few different reasons.

How to find a quality internship

Finding any old internship is often not the difficult part. Finding a quality one can be tricky, without the right approach.

Tips for college recommendation letters

While letters of recommendation may be partially out of your control, there's still a lot you can do to ensure you get the best ones for college possible.

Five self-discipline tips for online students

Self-discipline is not only a good skill to have in life, but a necessary one to have for online students. Developing it may take practice -- and these tips.

Five tips: Writing a grad school statement of purpose

The importance of the statement of purpose often goes overlooked. But if you can't show why you're a fit in this paper, then it could cost you acceptance, in some cases.

Is it wise to work while in college?

Spending money and less debt vs. more time for social events and studying: That's the decision faced by many students. And there's no easy answer.

Five tips for writing a brilliant college admissions essay

The college admissions essay is one of the most important components of a college application. Heed all the advice you can get to ensure you vanquish your admissions essay and get accepted into the school you want.

How to get your employer to pay for college

How sweet would it be if someone else paid for your college? It's not terribly uncommon. Many companies this days will do it…if you can convince them.

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