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Are virtual internships the way to go?

Like most things in life, virtual internships come with both benefits and drawbacks. Consider them before deciding if these internships are right for you.

How to survive your college admissions interview

Interview stress seems to get us all at one point or another. Here are some tips to overcome it in an admissions interview.

Five tips for balancing internships and school

Fall/spring internships add a whole new challenge to the semester. It may not be as easy as it sounds to balance with school but it can be done, if you follow this advice.

Three ways to be a strong applicant at competitive schools

If you're going to apply to colleges that accept less than 20 percent of students, more than just your GPA will matter. You'll need all the advice you can get.

Five things you should do during a campus visit

While there's technically no wrong way to visit a college campus, there's certainly a wise way. It could make all the difference.

Eight useful mobile apps for online college students

Even if you're doing great in school as it is, there's new technology out there that may make excelling in college all the more simple.

Online schools have come a long way -- how to choose one

Deciding to earn you degree online is only part of the battle. Now you have to decide what kind of school to earn it from.

Tweeting your way to a job: How social media is changing career searches

Could your next job be just a tweet away? We tell you why social media is changing job searches and some strategies to use your favorite sites to land a great new position.

Women at Work

Forget the corner office with a view. Some women prefer careers offering creativity and flexibility rather than those promising a big salary and fancy title.

Low Stress at Work

The daily grind, the rat race, the squirrel cage -- whatever you call the workday, it's a stressful place, and study after study has shown that stress is a killer. Take a load off in 2013 with these low-stress careers that require two-years of education or less.

Generation Y

Gen Y is all grown up -- or at least all graduated from high school -- and entering the workforce. They're known for showing up late and expecting a lot, but recent findings show they deserve it because they're disrupting the status quo, in a good way.

Sports Schools: Universities where it's great to be a sports fan

Many college sports deliver roaring emotion and heart-wrenching drama, but some schools deliver it in record-breaking amounts. Here are 10 sports schools that have the spirit, diversity and intensity to satisfy even the most rabid college fan.

10 Great Colleges for Autumn

From orange and yellow leaves to festive university celebrations, find out what makes these 10 schools great places to visit during autumn.

Campus fooood

Bland offerings with doubtful nutritional value are vanishing from campus lunch-lines. They're being replaced with fresh produce, international options and an emphasis on quality.


From horror movies to high-tech apps, these college courses are miles from English 101. Explore the strangest, most unique college courses on our list and put together your dream schedule. 

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