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Get information on high school teacher salaries, job duties, and education requirements, including how to get teacher training online.

Considering a career as a veterinary assistant or laboratory animal caretaker? Learn more about the field, including pertinent training, salary and career trends.

Executive assistants are responsible for a variety of tasks in and out of the office. Find out about executive assistant salaries, as well as the job outlook, training, responsibilities and more.

Careers in health care continue to be some of the fastest growing in the country — including physical therapy assistants and aides. Find out about salary and job outlook, plus how to get training online.

Get the scoop on x-ray technician duties, salary potential, educational requirements, and job forecast.

Forensic accountants combine bookkeeping and investigative skills to uncover fraud. Find out more about forensic accounting careers, including salary potential.

Radiation therapists use their training to create and administer treatment plans on patients with cancer and other aggressive diseases. Learn more about training and 2011 salary information for these high-tech health care pros. 

Training and development specialists help corporations implement company-wide and individual training programs for their employees. To be a training and development specialists, you should be proficient in many forms of communication, from oral presentations to written training programs and computer media as well.

Compensation benefits and job analysis specialists work in a variety of roles. They help companies keep their employees in compliance with federal and state labor laws, they help administer and disseminate company benefit plans, and they also develop training and career path plans that are used to promote employees.

Cardiovascular technologists and technicians are an important part of a booming health care industry. Learn more about these professionals, including important education and salary trends.

Everything you ever wanted to know about becoming a physical therapist, including: job duties, salary information, training requirements, and career outlook.

Experts say the finance industry is booming, creating a lot of opportunity for trained financial analysts. Learn more about these professionals here, including valuable training, earnings and career trends.

Human resources and labor relations specialists are in demand. Learn how to enter this field, and what to expect once in it. Includes salary, training and employment trends.

Learn what it takes to become a sociologist, and what to expect in the field. Includes important salary, training and employment information.

If you've got artistic flare and a sustainable business sense, then becoming an interior designer could make a lot of sense and offer a rewarding career for you.

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