Six Jobs for 2011


A new year means a new start for many Americans, and if you're looking to turn over a new career leaf, you may be wondering about the new jobs for 2011. Get ahead of career trends and hiring managers by learning about the skills that should be in demand in the new year and find out how to get the training you need for jobs in 2011.

Six Careers for 2011

1. Biomedical Engineer

Projected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) to be the fastest growing out of all occupations by 2018, the field of biomedical engineering should be adding new jobs for 2011. It typically requires no deeper level of education than a bachelor's degree, and the mean annual wage for biomedical engineers nationwide checks in at a comfortable $82,550, according to the BLS.

2. Registered Nurse

Another occupation expected to experience robust growth, registered nursing is a career that always finds itself in demand and is expected to add the most new positions out of all careers for 2011. Several educational paths exist to get to this career, including associate's degrees that can be completed in as few as 18 months. In 2009, the middle 50 percent of registered nurses in the U.S, earned between $52,520 and $77,970.

3. Network Systems and Data Communications Analyst

As our world becomes increasingly dependent on complex systems and matrices of data, the need for people adept at controlling and analyzing the interactions of these systems becomes greater and greater. If you're into computers and on the lookout for lucrative jobs that can be yours with only a bachelor's degree, this rapidly growing field might be your choice out of all the jobs for 2011.

4. Medical and Health Services Manager

In the shadow of the looming changes promised to our national health care and insurance situation, some prescient professionals are working toward degrees in health services management. Not only is it a well-paying career (the middle 50 percent earned between $63,700 and $105,980 in 2009), but this sector is expected to create many new jobs for 2011.

5. Financial Examiner

The nation still isn't out of the fiscal woods, but dedicated financial examiners are working to change that. Some of the highest-paid financial examiners -- those making $100,000 or more per year -- work with the federal executive branch of the government. Private companies employ examiners as well, and, like most of the jobs for 2011, candidates are expected to hold at least a bachelor's degree.

6. Computer Software Engineer

Every computer application in the modern world of diversions, from social giant Facebook to the two-dollar time-killer you downloaded for your smartphone, exists because of computer software engineers. Job growth for software engineers is projected at 32 percent by 2018, and the highest 10 percent of earners took home over $132,000 in 2009. Of all the hot careers for 2011, software engineering allows you the highest level of creativity.