5 Reasons to Earn Your Online Master's in Education

Earning your online master's in education doesn't just influence your financial bottom line. It also gives you leverage for advancement and offers great job security. An added bonus is for the students you teach: with your impressive new skills as a computer guru, you can help your students master the world of conferencing, chat tools, and other waves of the computing future.

Need further convincing? Check out these five reasons to earn your master's degree in education online:

1.  Master's Degree Equals Job Security. The more knowledge you have, the more valuable you will be to employers. When tough times come calling and cuts must be made in the workforce, your master's degree can mean more job security, which means you won't be the one packing up your classroom or office. It's not a guarantee, but it's a very nice safety net.

2.  Those with a Master's Degree Make More Money. Getting a master's degree in education offers great returns on your investment. According to the 2008 Census Bureau statistics, a master's degree can bump your salary by an average of $11,300 dollars per year.

3.  Rise to a Better Position with a Master's Degree. Those with a master's in education can step onto the road of advancement and become a principal, headmaster, or superintendent. 

4.  Greater Freedom to Chart Your Own Path. When you choose graduate school, you can specialize and create your own educational experience. The academic freedom to set your own goals and chart your own course can make that road to a master's degree even more rewarding.

5.  You're Already a Teacher--Now Become an Expert. When you earn your master's in education, you have proven that you are an expert in your field. That opens the floodgates to speaking engagements, expert advice, and other ways to make good money through the power of your degree.

    Online Education Programs Open the Door to a Master's in Education

    Teachers can easily pursue their online master's in education while they continue to teach. Online education programs fit around your schedule and let you work at your own pace, making it easier to fulfill your careers goals.

    About the Author:

    Shannon Dauphin is a freelance writer based near Nashville, Tennessee.