Why You Should Say "I Do" to an Online Education

According to the Bridal Association of America, roughly 2.3 million Americans got married in 2007, with the average cost of a wedding reaching nearly $29,000. In this world of elaborate dresses, three-tiered cakes, lavish receptions, and multi-colored flower arrangements, it's no surprise that a significant chunk of that money ended up in the hands of bridal consultants.

Becoming a bridal consultant is a great way to create a fun, exciting career -- one that can also be highly lucrative for those with the right training. Many colleges and universities now offer online programs to help students receive the training they need to become successful consultants in this rapidly growing field.  

Online Programs -- A Perfect Match

According to the Association for Wedding Professionals International, about 80 percent of workers in the wedding industry are self-employed. Distance learning, with its scheduling flexibility and "work at your own pace" environment, is ideal for people who crave educational and professional independence.

With distance learning programs, you're given most of the materials you need to get started -- books, learning aids, etc. You are then in charge of directing your own online education, spending as much or as little time as you need on certain subjects. If you already work full-time, you don't have to give up your workday to pursue your online education. Distance learning works with your schedule, not the other way around.

How Can an Online Education Further Your Career?

Online degree programs for bridal consultants teach you how to arrange photography, coordinate and plan ceremonies and receptions, order flowers, clothing, and invitations, and run a successful business. Furthermore, distance learning programs provide management insights to give you an edge over wedding planners without formal training. Enroll in an online program today and say "I do" to an exciting, successful career.