Two Students with Technical Training Automate Dorm Room

You can do a lot of things with technical training, but you probably hadn't thought of transforming your digs into a highly secure space that changes from a disco to a quiet study area with the push of a button.

That's what two ambitious MIT freshman set out to do. Zack Anderson and R.J. Ryan combined their technical training in computer science and mechanical engineering to create a dorm room that reports the weather, monitors dorm and hallway security, and provides appropriate music and lighting for sleeping, studying, and partying.

While the duo hasn't yet received any serious offers to buy the system, or create another one, it shows the kind of fun you can have when you team up with others who share your passion in an academic environment.

Your Technical Training

Of course, you don't have to go to MIT to find this kind of enthusiastic collaboration. You can indulge your interest in computer training at a variety of colleges and universities, some of which are likely within commuting distance. Take a class on PHP and Java programming and start creating web applications.  Classes like these can give you some of the skills needed to create a web site. Perhaps you'll create the next Myspace.com or Ebay.  Of course, there are more practical applications for computer and technical training.  You can learn skills that can help you land a regular job, such as administering an organization's network and personal computer hardware or creating web sites.

Looking Ahead to a Software Career

There's another compelling reason to obtain formal computer training. One of the fastest-growing computer-related jobs ia software engineering.  Becoming a software engineer, or an SE, typically requires at least a bachelor's degree in computer science or a similar field, reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So start learning more about where computer training and technical training can lead you. Whether you aspire to become the next Bill Gates or just want to acquire sought-after job skills, there's likely a program that will fit your goals and interests.