Interested in Working In Entertainment? Consider An Entertainment Business Degree

Entertainment business jobs are changing just as rapidly as the entertainment business itself. Traditional entertainment companies such as film and television studios find themselves competing for leisure dollars against video game programmers, casinos, and sports teams. Even restaurants, zoos, aquariums, and museums have reinvented themselves using the best practices of the entertainment business to lure spectators. All of this competition has created a demand for strong leaders with specialized entertainment business degrees.

The 411 On Entertainment Business Degree Programs

Until recently, most entertainment companies relied on teams of administrators holding business degrees with traditional concentrations like accounting and finance. Meanwhile, the same companies hired creative personnel with backgrounds in film, music, or fine arts to create content and other entertainment products. These awkward partnerships, however, are prone to frequent and dramatic conflicts.

A growing number of forward-thinking of both on-campus and online colleges and universities have realized that they can better prepare students for entertainment business jobs by blending the best elements of their programs into a combined entertainment business degree. Now, students can learn how to effectively manage companies while understanding the elements that make entertainment effective, enjoyable, and profitable.

Why Entertainment Business Degrees Stand Out

Because there are far more applicants for entertainment business jobs than there are jobs to be had, competition is fierce. An entertainment business degree sets job applicants apart from the pack. Entertainment business degree programs that offer internships help students gain hands-on knowledge about their future jobs while helping them build important industry connections.

Most importantly, entertainment business degree programs help tomorrow's industry leaders understand the challenges of converging markets. by realizing how to move audiences through branded experiences - like the Disney Company has done by opening ESPN-branded restaurants and record labels - entertainment business degree holders can create value for customers and for shareholders in an increasingly fractured market.