Five Promising Careers After Art School

Going to art school can lead to a number of different careers within the industry, making it a very versatile degree. Read on about real-life examples of five diverse occupations that artists pursued after art school, turning their passions into successful careers.

1.  Art Degree: Comic Strip Illustrator

Marcus Hamilton, known best for taking over Hank Ketcham's popular comic strip "Dennis the Menace," earned his art degree in North Carolina before beginning his career. He began in commercial art, lost interest, and decided to pursue his true passion: illustration.

2.  From Art School to Painter

Elsie Kent is a painter of pastels who lives in New Jersey. She always painted, but did not go to art school classes until the middle of her career. Now she is a painter of local acclaim. She began painting with oils, but eventually moved onto pastels, which became her favorite.

3.  Magazine Photographer

Bernadette Heath of Minnesota tried her hand at photography for years before earning her art degree. After art school, she began working for a local magazine, and formed a partnership with a writer, with whom she has photographed stories for over 30 years.

4.  Art Career: Glass Maker

Irish visual artist Elaine Griffin earned her art degree in Dublin. She now lives in Westport and has won prizes for glass-blowing, her primary medium. She also has a master's in art and continues to show her creations across Germany.

5.  From Art School to Filmmaker

After going to art school in California, independent filmmaker Asitha Ameresekere wrote, produced, and directed a film called "Do Not Erase" based on current events in Iraq. His film won the Best Short Film award from the British Academy of Film & Television Arts and was accepted by 9 film festivals.