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While the recession may be showing signs of slowing down, many experts agree that it's far from over. In June 2009, the unemployment rate in the U.S. reached 9.5 percent, a whole 4 percentage points higher than June of the previous year. And while a handful of states have staved off job loss recently, the Federal Reserve predicts that the nationwide unemployment rate will hit 10 percent before 2010.

Because some companies avoid hiring too many people during economic slowdown, now might be the perfect time to add education and career training to your resume. Going back to school is a great way to expand your knowledge base and improve your skill set, no matter your area of interest.

A Reason for Higher Education

The New York Times recently published an article highlighting some of the benefits of going back to school during tough economic times, most notably:

  • Earning a degree or certification can give you an edge over the competition
  • Returning to school is a valuable way to network. Many lifelong career connections are made during the educational process.
  • In some cases, you can go back to school and hold down a job, which illustrates a strong work ethic

Today, there are numerous online degree programs in nursing, IT, health care, education, and more--degree programs that could open up new employment opportunities. Online degree programs allowyou to study at your convenience, around your schedule, and without disrupting your current employment. So if you're wondering whether there's a way to increase your skills set and re-enter the work force with more qualifications once companies are hiring again, consider taking advantage of these tough economic times to go back to school.