How Environmental Law Degree Programs Can Help Save the Earth, One Graduate at a Time

Giving the Environment a Voice

In court cases across the country, a growing group of environmental law experts represent an otherwise helpless client: nature. These experts have joined with professionals in environmental jobs to file lawsuits against businesses and government agencies that threaten natural habitats.

Law Schools Take Action

Environmental law schools throughout the United States are responding to the world's growing interest in environmental protection by opening environmental education centers and specialty programs. Top environmental law schools have a loud voice in debates on issues like waste disposal, water conservation, and energy creation.

Getting an environmental education will give you an excellent foundation in the issues that shape public discourse about the environment. There are some of the courses you could take at an environmental law school:

  • Watershed management and protection
  • Toxic and hazardous substances law
  • Conservation law
  • Animal law
  • Health and safety in the workplace

Environmental Jobs Abound

The ongoing international concern over environmental issues has led to an increase in environmental jobs. Many environmental law experts work with government agencies or non-profit organizations, and some large corporations now are hiring environmental lawyers themselves.

Here are other examples of environmental jobs:

  • Environment, health, and safety director
  • Land protection specialist
  • Grants management specialist
  • Environmental research analyst
  • Watershed wetlands planner

Whatever cause you choose to work on, your career after environmental law school will be rewarding in more ways than one.