Want to Feel Empowered During Tough Economic Times?

Be Proactive: Take Charge of Your Career Through Online Education

Taking charge of your career via education is one avenue completely within your control.  Expansion of your skills increases your value to both current and future employers - demonstrating both your willingness to re-invent yourself and your possession of the key skills needed to lead in your industry.

While your employer's ability to send you to off site training courses and conferences may be constrained by the recession, it is still worthwhile to explore the option of taking career related training courses online. 

Online learning gives you the ability to gain critical skills for a fraction of the cost associated with traditional classroom education.  Additionally, online courses and discussion forums give you the flexibility to participate when it fits best with your personal and work commitments.  There is no need to spend days out of the office just because you are earning an online education.  Online education programs are designed for the working professional, as they take these time constraints into account by design. Suggesting the online learning approach to your employer displays your commitment to expanding your skills.  It also presents you as flexible and proactive when it comes to meeting your personal goals, as well as your company's training goals.

It's All About Your Network

by networking with your fellow students, you expand your vision outside your company.  You learn more about key challenges and innovative solutions being implemented within your industry.  Once you have completed that online course or obtained your desired online degree, it is a great time to let key contacts within your network know about your latest accomplishment.

Additionally, leveraging the diverse experience of your professors can provide the reassurance that your industry has been radically changed, but has not gone extinct, during the ebbs and flows of this economic recession.  You could also connect with key contacts within companies that will survive the current recession and thrive afterwards. 

While current market and personal economic concerns can overwhelm all of us, focusing on action-oriented objectives such as enrolling in an online education program, adding value to your existing and future employers and expanding your network can give you a sense of accomplishment and increased confidence.

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